Sunday, July 20, 2014

One Finish and Two Starts for Slow Stitching Sunday

I have bounced around from project to project this week - not that it is really any different any week, now that I think of it - but I did find some time to concentrate on a bit of cross stitching.

First I finished BBD Forget-Me-Not. A lovely little piece with such pretty blue flosses.

I thought about starting another one of of the Loose Feathers Abecedarian series, and while I was rummaging through my stash looking at all my choices, this little bit of fabric and a ratty skein of floss fell out of a box.

I also discovered a graph I had printed off of Pinterest eons ago and it was serendipity. There is still a bit to stitch on this one and  I want to finish this as a small. I'm thinking a collection of birds would be lovely.

And while I was looking at all the BBD stash I had I rediscovered this graph. OH how I LOVE this one! Look at that BIG blue house and that mutant bowl of fruit and that  GREAT pumpkin! Simply irresistible!

I got this far on Friday night. I'm thinking that the alternate squares for the roof would look great in a diagonal satin stitch - a nice bit of extra texture.

I like how the shutters have that extra little stitch for the hinge and I can't wait to break out the blue floss. You know I have a weakness for stitching yellow houses but blue house are a close second. Every house I've ever owned up to the one I live in now have been blue to one degree or another. I've had houses with blue shutters and two houses that were ALL blue. One was a little Tudor style house that was painted blue with yellow and red accents when it was purchased. Could have been a cute gingerbread color scheme but it hadn't been a good choice of colors. Eventually it was repainted in a more traditional Tudor color palette which was enthusiastically received by the neighbors. And in California I lived in a stucco house. Most of the houses were painted shades of cream with yellow or peach undertones - very classy. However my house was painted blue and not a pretty shade either - blue to the gray side - yuck. I didn't live there long enough make it worthwhile to repaint it but the next residents did repaint. I'm sure the neighbors were happy about that too.

Well our lovely cool weather is being replaced by the typical hot and humid Midwest summer. It was so nice while it lasted.

Hope you have a great week!
happy stitching-
carol fun


  1. I tried cross stitch many years ago and because of that I have the greatest respect for those of you that do it / to me it seems very hard, as I don't have the patience or attention for it, and yet I love to view projects like this :) Much appreciated.

  2. Your blue forget me nots are gorgeous. I like your plan using a satin stitch on the alternate shingles, how creative.

  3. I had to giggle about the huge bowl of mutant fruit. So many funny thoughts while slow stitching.

  4. What a pretty BBD finish! I have the chart for the one you just started. I love that blue house too. It will be so interesting to see how you do the roof!

  5. Your cross stitching the last few weeks inspired me to start on a cross stitching project myself. I began Little Miss Shabby's Quilty stitches. I am totally hooked and plan on making another something after this one is done. Thank you!

  6. Beautiful! I used to cross stitch a lot, then stopped for many years. Now I'm in love again. It's a great lunch time project in my secret hiding place at work.

  7. Forget me not is so pretty. I always love a piece that has a lot of blue. Of course I love your blue house design also. House, fruit, pumpkin....what more could you ask for.

  8. I told you I fell in love with the blues in Forget-me-not. I stand by that comment - so very pretty!


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