Tuesday, July 1, 2014

A little bit of red, white and blue for the 4th of July

I got an email from a friend yesterday morning talking about decorating for 4th of July. I replied that I didn't have much in the way of patriotic decor but I wish that I had more. Lately I've been drooling over baskets of little cross stitched pillows celebrating the red, white and blue. Now I didn't whip any out yet, and they are definitely on my long list of stuff I want to do, but I did find a little bit of red, white and blue to add to the house.

This is the bookcase display that functions as the mantle and foyer table I had in my last house. This season it is a mix of birds and Americana.

The red, white and blue banner is new - I just made it last night! I had time for a trip to Hobby Lobby yesterday where I found scrapbook papers in red stripes, blue stars and yellow. I've had the die for that banner shape for a while, but this the first time I've used it. I want to play with this again - maybe a banner with birds for after the 4th. This shelf has a nice helping of Debbie Mumm dishes and teapots - all stuff I've had for years. Glad I've found a spot for them.

Love that white bird house! Again an item I've had for a long time. This is the only patriotic cross stitch piece I have - a BBD chart. I definitely have to add to this holiday. I have several patriotic graphs, just need to stitch them. Oh chicken little still shows up in every display I do, he is just soooooo cute!

More bird house and greenery, a bit of Debbie Mumm and Marjolein Bastion.  Oh the bird house that is a bee skep with a roof is my favorite on this shelf.

And to properly welcome the 4th a glizty red, white and blue wreath to hang on the door! I do like the shiny stuff! LOL!

So this is a start - I have a pretty open 4th of July planned - only one place I have to be and that is on the 5th. I think I'll rummage through my stash and find a little patriotic project to start - stitching is a great way to celebrate, isn't it?

Happy stitching!

carol fun


  1. You are off to a terrific start of 4th of July decorating!! Love the shelves!

  2. I'll be needing to get my things out too! Your shelves look charming.

  3. Carol - You and I have similar tastes. I recognized the Debbie Mumm items before you detailed them. I have a set of 4 watering can DM plates that are on display now. I love how you can change out your display rack and ohhh - the beeeskep teapot is great too!


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