Friday, July 25, 2014

I excell at the creation of UFOs...yes I do!

It has been a productive week in knitting department and I have excelled in the creation of new UFOs. As a further riff on my post of July 11 explaining my philosophy of UFO's, it is clear that you can't have UFO's to revisit, and get that feeling of satisfaction that you are almost done with a project, unless you create it to begin with, right? Oh I am brilliant - LOL!

Anyway I started out by completing this pair of vanilla socks done in Crystal Palace Sausalito, colorway 8101. You can find it here.

So I cast on another pair of socks. This is a free pattern called Sunday Swing and you can find it here. The yarn is Deborah Norville Serenity in the Hot Lime colorway. I got it at either Joann's or Michael's.

And I felt that I needed to have another pair of vanilla socks cast on to keep with me when I'm out and about. Do you knit in public? I knit EVERYWHERE I go. I knit when I'm waiting to pick up my son, I knit when I'm sitting in a drive thru line in the car, I knit when I'm waiting for my food to come at a restaurant, I knit when I'm waiting for a concert to begin and at intermission, I knit when I'm standing in line where ever I may be. And this kind of knitting requires a non-thinking pattern so stockinette it is! The yarn for this one is a DROPS Fabel colorway 677p. You can find it here.

And then there was this Noro Silk Garden Sock Yarn that crossed my path last weekend. I LOVE the color changes in a Nor0 yarn,they are gorgeous. Yet somehow I forget how I HATE knitting with Noro until I purchase the yarn and cast it on. My mind is going! I would never use this stuff for socks - it is thick, it is thin and then all of a sudden you'll get a knot and the colorway jumps without rhyme or reason. Sheesh - it must give off some sort of fumes that clouds your judgement till you get it home. That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

Anyway this is colorway S349 and it just screams Fall doesn't it? I'm knitting the shawl pattern Pamuya. You can see it here.

It has some lovely stitch patterns interspersed with stockinette and garter bands. So far a very easy pattern to follow and it gives you the stitch count for every row. I like that, it makes it harder to get too far off.

Soooooo, one project done and three started. I am a UFO creating machine! LOL

have a great weekend-
happy knitting!

carol fun


  1. knitting while you stand in line!! (or in a queue as us Brits would say), that's impressive. Do you have your yarn in a bag or something!!

  2. It is good to know you are a "normal" knitter!! If you only had one project going at a time, I would worry about you!! I do love your finished pair!!

  3. you made my day!!!
    I am happy to know that it is part of my job to create ufo's!!!
    love all those projects that are in the making or ufo state!!!
    hugs, di and miss gracie

  4. All of your socks are lovely, as is your shawl. And I agree with your UFO philosophy! Love it!

  5. Your UFO philosophy definitely works for me! Love that shawl pattern and yarn, too.

  6. I always admire the colors you choose for your knitting projects!They are always so bright and pretty!

  7. You are my kind of friend and knitter. I love your UFO philosophy and feel right at home with all your yarn colors. You make me want to start more UFOs too. Great sock yarns and thanks for the links to each one. It makes it so much easier for me to get those UFO's going at my house. lol


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