Thursday, May 21, 2015

Everything's coming up......

petunias!! Hit it Ethel(Merman)... LOL! Okay so the song doesn't exactly roll off the tongue but everything is coming up petunias at my house.

I finally got the sleeve sewn on my Stack N Whack petunia quilt and got it hung in my living room. All of the hexagons were cut out of the fabric in the border, a Phillip Jacobs print from a couple of years ago. Phill does great florals...he is also the designer of the Spiral fabric I'm using for the Stack N Whack on my design wall which you can see here. I LOVE his style.

Terry Finnerty of the Walking Needle quilted this one for me in an all over swirl. You don't see it clearly on the front on the back it is easy to discern.

You get so many different hexagons with this large scale fabric...

I think my favorite hexie is the one that looks like a peppermint...

And in keeping with the Everything's Coming Up Petunia theme here are some of the pots I planted...

I've got those yellow and white striped petunias I was hunting down all over Cincinnati in the pots on the porch railing and in the window box I have purple and white striped petunias mixed in with the hot pink geraniums. I know they are a bit hard to spot in this picture but they are they and I'm hoping they will fill out nicely as summer progresses. And speaking of summer how is the weather in your little spot of the world? We've roller coastered again from the 80's to the 60's...and this morning it is downright chilly. The high is only expected to get to the upper 60's today but I saw an 88 in the forecast for next week so I know this is just another dip on the ride.

Memorial Day is did it get here that quick? Don't have any big plans yet except for going to the local food festival, Taste of Cincinnati. Plan on going first thing on Saturday before it gets too crowded... and there will probably be something on my grill before the weekend is over. Other than that I plan to take it easy... sew a little, knit a little.

happy stitching-
carol fun


  1. What a beautiful quilt and isn't it a great feeling when one is done and displayed???
    love the flowers too--I got some flowers on tuesday and a new flower window box--
    and am enjoying them--though I have been bringing it inside at night cause of the cold--have a great relaxing week end--

  2. POW! Love all the pink and purple quilted petunias Carol.

  3. I love all the petunias the cloth ones and the real ones! I hope you enjoy the Taste of Cincinnati.


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