Friday, May 1, 2015

The fiber in my diet...

sooooo... since the wedding is behind me I've been contemplating the other projects I want to tackle this summer. Some are things that I won't actually get my hands dirty over like the plumbing issue and the new carpet, but others do involve a more personal commitment. I want to get back to walking more and I'd like to add more fiber to my diet... the woolly kind...  which would produce results like this....

the yarn is Blue Moon Socks That Rock Lightweight and the colorway is Chickabiddy. You can check out their yarn here but I don't see this colorway listed at the moment. They dye lots of different batches so colors come and colors go, which is why when you see it you have to snag it!

And there was this fiber in my diet too...

this yarn is a Paton Kroy I picked up at Joann's or Michaels... I forget which. Love the different width stripes. I did the heels and the toes in a gray yarn from my stash as I didn't want to mess up those lovely stripes.

And I wanted you too see the scarf/shawl I wore to my son's wedding. The pattern is Reverse Psychology and you can see the pattern here on Ravelry...

and the yarn is Kimber's Fiber Optic Paintbox Gradient which you can see here. Now the website says she's sold out but if you contact her I'm pretty sure she has the inventory in her shop. I used the Neon colorway for this. My friend Cathy blocked this for me and it is about 6 feet long...perfect to wrap around your shoulders, all drapey and swoopy! Thanks Cathy, you did a fabulous job on this! I will definitely be knitting this again. I used a ton of beads on this one and I will probably use less the next time around but it will still be a wonderful scarf.

I made the first step toward my commitment of walking more by sauntering the two blocks over to my son's house to feed his cat, and I ordered 2 more skeins of the Blue Moon yarn - A room without a roof and Pitterpat to add more fiber to my diet.

I also planned to work on cleaning out the garage today so I could gather some stuff for a garage sale next Friday, but that wasn't quite as successful as I would have liked. My day got off to a slow start, and then I ended up bringing my younger son's friend over so they could hang out, and I piddled and putzed and shuffled stuff around and generally bemoaned the fact that I really am not into garage sales. It is a lot of work and I never make that much. Several times today I changed my mind as to if I want to go through with this chore. I'm going to give it another shot tomorrow but I was this close to picking up the phone and calling 1-800-GOTJUNK and having them come and empty out the garage.

The weather this weekend and for the upcoming week looks wonderful - temps in the 70's and 80's. Makes me want to go buy flowers, which would be waaaay more fun than cleaning out the garage. I know I shouldn't put anything in the ground until Mother's Day but I did buy a bunch of pots that I could plant up and if the weather gets too cold I could drag them into the garage... oh that garage!

have a great weekend!

carol fun


  1. The scarf is very intriguing~ Would love to see a picture of you with it on. Lovely colors.

  2. Beautiful scarf.and the colors are Spring/Summer looking. What color top did you put it over? I know about cleaning out garages. Too much work in my opinion too - but I take some of it to Goodwill stores. I really like the socks too.

  3. STR yarn is one of my faves; I just finished a pair in Eye of the Falcon. Good job on the garage; we need to do that, too.

  4. What a beautiful shawl/wrap! Your have such pretty fiber in your diet!

  5. Oh my gosh, that scarf is just beautiful! I vote, skip the garage and buy plants! (Our garage is a horrid mess right now )


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