Wednesday, May 27, 2015

It's Wednesday???

Well the 3-day weekend was lovely, but as always seems to be the case, I totally lose track of what day it is. I did a little yard work and cross stitched a bit, had a good time at Taste of Cincinnati, and enjoyed a cook out at my older son's home. I spent a little time thinking about what quilt project I wanted to do next...and was very very very tempted to start a new quilt but in the end, I straightened up my sewing room and got back to work on my APQ Go 4 It quilt. You can read about theQAL here. I started this back in February and...

Ta-dah!!!  81 blocks are sewn together.

My design wall still has the Phillip Jacobs Stack N Whack on it so I had to photograph it on the floor. The ridges you see are the rug underneath it. I was too lazy to move it. Big Dude dropped by to give a quick once over and seems to approve... however there may have been a bit of an incentive in the kitty treats I offered... just saying.

At this point it measures about 81" square. I want to get it up to about 86" and plan to add some scrappy random low-volume borders.

There is quite a variety of fabrics in this one. I should have keep track of how many fabrics I selected but I didn't...oh well. And you may remember that I dithered  and moaned about wanting to have all the directional fabrics in this quilt point in the same direction...ummm...fugeddaboudit! The more I sewed all I wanted  was to get these blocks finished! Right side up, upside down,  cross ways... I DON'T CARE anymore! My only criteria was that I didn't want the same fabric to touch and I think I succeeded in that regard. However Big Dude may have to make a closer inspection to verify that conclusion.

I do know there is a healthy amount of that cute little chick fabric scattered liberally across the top... and that makes me happy!

Now to get the borders on and get this one off to Terry to quilt...and give Big Dude a few more kitty treats!

happy stitching-
carol fun


  1. That makes 2 of us - I always work on Monday, but due to Memorial Day, the sale was on Tuesday and now I'll be a day off all week.
    I like this quilt every time you post about it and today it is making the wheels turn in my head...I've got a stack of solids and black on white prints that are telling me they want to play together. Don't know how much mowing I'll get done....might have to abandon the mower for my sewer!

  2. Love how scrappy your quilt is!!! A testament to your stash!!!

  3. I gasped! I'm in LOVE and I don't care who knows it! this is the bestest one I've seen! You nailed it, who cares if a few fabrics are going in odd directions. that gives it character. CLAP! CLAP! CLAP! WIGGLE! WIGGLE! WIGGLE! DANCE! DANCE !DANCE! That's me doing the Happy Dance with you...might be the chicken dance.

  4. Great that a simple quilt can be so fun and full of movement! Love the shot of Big Dude peering up at the camera!

  5. So lovely... I've enjoyed following your progress with this, it's one of my favourites!

  6. It looks wonderful! I love the colors!

  7. I just love that quilt but then I seem to love all your quilts. I think it's your great use of color. Big Dude is very cute!

  8. What a lovely bright cheerful design. And wow, all of those tiny, tiny squares! I see you have a Furry Helper. Every crafter needs one.

  9. A happy, bright and fun quilt. Love it.


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