Friday, May 29, 2015

A finish for Friday...

The week has certainly flown by, but I was able to finish Charm Pack Cherry quilt done in batiks! Just finished the binding last night.

This is the second quilt I've done with the Charm Pack Cherry pattern which you can find here for free. And this won't be the last one I do. They are lots of fun. Right now I'm thinking of doing one in Halloween fabrics. I have a couple of charm packs and  it would be fun to fussy cut some motifs from my sizable stash of Halloweenie fabrics and add them to the mix.

Terry Finnerty of the Walking Needle quilted this one for me in a variegated thread. The panto she used is a large scale design that has a very modern vibe and it is hard to see that it is a panto and not a free motion design. Love that!

I started with two charm packs of Pat Sloan's One for You One for Me batiks and added in a couple more from my stash. I'm really loving that turquoise background too.

Since Big Dude lacks height and opposable thumbs I had to corral my youngest son into holding this quilt while I took pictures. He is an awfully good sport about it. Hmmm... I just noticed something...I was looking at the first Charm Pack Cherry quilt I did... here... and  other Charm Pack Cherry quilts and this one isn't exactly like the pattern. Somehow I've rotated my blocks so every other fabric is a piece of background. Not sure how I did that but I like it! Also I extended the colored pieces into a border which isn't what the pattern calls for but I like how it makes the design area larger.

Well the weekend is upon up and I've got a few things I want to do, but mainly I want to relax. Next week is a busy one... somehow I have 3 different evening events to go to, which is way more than I usually get out...not exactly a jet setter here... LOL!

Hope your weekend is an enjoyable one!

happy stitching-
carol fun


  1. I have been wanting to try that Charm Pack Cherry quilt for some time now but some how it keeps dropping down in my queue. Yours is so lovely and colorful I am moving doing one up my list. I like that your constant background color is that rich, bright aqua. A Halloween version is an exciting idea.

  2. I've made one of these too! I love your colours!

  3. super cute, love the colors. This quilt is on my to do list.

  4. Your quilts are always so FUN!!!

  5. That's quite a cheerful quilt. Nice work! Turquoise is one of my favorite colors.

  6. What a colorful lovely quilt! That design would be wonderful in Halloween fabric!

  7. That is so funny that you would show that finish! I was just going thru a stack of papers from my sewing room (most of which was recycled) but this pattern was in there and I'd set it aside thinking I could put it to use using up some of my charm packs! I think I could make a few donation quilts with this one as it's an easy one! Love your blue.


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