Thursday, May 7, 2015

Minor changes...

I'm a little late for WIP Wednesday but here it is anyway. I made some minor changes in the rectangular blocks for my TV Dinner quilt.  You can see the pattern  by Modern Quilt Relish here.
The fabric is from Carrie Bloomston's Paint collection which you can see here.

If you make the picture bigger you can see where I inserted bits of text and fabric into the blocks that were solid colors. To my eye those blocks of solid color were flat...and kinda quiet... and I wanted them to be, well... louder and.busier! I like busy! Busy busy busy!

In some blocks I just inserted a little strip of another one of the solids...

But with several of the other blocks I was able to wedge in a bit of text fabric...

with little messages...

Now I have to assemble the center. Since I'm making this a bit shorter than the pattern calls for I'll be making adjustments in the spacer blocks. I'm thinking I may cut them random lengths and make the center less regular...we'll see.

Okay, off to get stuff ready for a garage sale tomorrow. I'm thinking this is the last garage sale I will ever do.  I've priced stuff cheap cheap cheap but it takes A LOT of time to get things ready. Ninety nine percent of what I pawed through I forgot I had... and until I knew I had it, I didn't miss it. I just ended up feeling guilty about stuff that was already bought and paid for and forgotten. It would have been easier to have NOT opened the boxes and taken them to Goodwill... which is where anything that doesn't sell will be tomorrow night.

happy stitching-
carol fun

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