Monday, May 4, 2015

Totally random thoughts that run, run run...

Somehow I had convinced myself that this past weekend would be an easy, relaxing one... and boy was I wrong!  I finally dragged myself out to the garage on Saturday where I spent over 6 hours going through boxes and boxes and boxes, which were cousins of Pandora's box. Each one contained a myriad of items that I wish I had never seen. I have no recollection of when I purchased these items, nor do I want to do anything with them. My first instinct to get them out of the garage without opening them should have been followed. I've got a handful of items to go to the garage sale on Friday, the rest of this stuff with be donated -- gone gone gone!

On the up side... my garage has never looked better!

To reward myself for all my hard work on Saturday (and I'm all about the reward) I planned to spend a leisurely afternoon going to greenhouses in search of some David Austin rose bushes (I want 3)...I ended up with one and I think it may be the last David Austin rose bush for sale in Cincinnati.

And I want,  need,  MUST HAVE these petunias...

These are a Proven Winner called Lemon Slice Million Bells. I first saw them on someone else's blog... who lives in where near Ohio. I did find where I can order them online for home delivery but I really want to get them locally. More searching today.

While I did get to 2 greenhouses, I really wanted to visit more, but ended up run run running my younger son here and there and everywhere. Plans for a friend's birthday celebration were discombobulated which had me driving, driving, driving...but in the end all the birthday participants were happy and that is what matters.

So are you still with me... I actually have something quilty to show too!

I started this sometime last week...I have no idea when... but I'm liking it a lot! The pattern is TV Dinners by Modern Quilt Relish and you can see it here. You have to scroll down to see it and they have lots of interesting patterns. This pattern uses charm squares and really showcases a big scale print for the borders. You can see some other examples here.

The fabric line is Paint by Carrie Bloomston for Windham Fabrics which you can see here on Fabric Shack's site. I chose this fabric because the designers had done a version using this line, and right now I'm really into adding more turquoise into my living room decor. I think my DIL is rubbing off on me as it is one of her favorite colors. Turquoise is a nice addition to the taupe and yellow I already have. I envision this quilt gracing the wall of my living room and when I get it done I'll show my new decorating updates...hint...I got a new rug!

Oh back to the quilt, I LOVE the typography in many of these prints...

Now I could leave well enough alone... and should leave well enough alone... but I can't!   I'm going to do some improv piecing on those rectangular blocks. I want to insert more text and I think this fabric will work nicely.

I only have a third of a yard of this and I've got nothing on the selvedge to tell me who's fabric it is...hmmm... I see more running around to track this down.

Sooooo with all the running around I did this weekend and the running I have planned this week I should probably drop about 10 pounds...OMG... I am truly delusional! LOL

Anyway off to check out another greenhouse or two and later today pick up the newlyweds from the airport...their week is sunny Spain is sad...but I know they made great memories.

happy stitching-
carol fun


  1. Have you been to PipkinS Fruit Market yet? They get a nice variety of plants in. I usually end up there when all else fails and last year went there first. They are some of the last to carry the small cell packs instead of having to buy quart size containers.

    Love the quilting coming along. Glad another turquoise lover is rubbing off on you.

  2. Delhi garden center in Liberty Township has them in stock now

  3. Your fabric is available here:
    Great fabric for a quilter. I have some also.

  4. I love, love that yellow. It's really quite a bit of color but it works so well with your other fabrics. I've never seen petunias like that. I've know what you mean about buying local but in my experience with plants, my local shops never have those specialty plants. Hopefully, yours will. Good luck.

  5. I love that "i'm a maker" fabric! And nothing feels better than getting part of your house all sorted out!


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