Friday, October 16, 2015

Happy Socktoberfest....

which is like Oktoberfest but with sock yarn instead of beer!  So  2 weeks ago I showed socks I wanted to make and links to Nordic Mart for Fabel yarn.  I know one or two of you checked them out and ordered yarn... so did I...and I waited and waited and waited and finally sent them an email asking for information on the whereabouts of my order. This is out of character for them. I've ordered numerous times and I always get my order in about 3 days - California to Ohio- I think that is very good delivery. So when I contacted them I said they had sent it out the day before and I should be receiving it Thursday...which I did. No explanation if stuff was back ordered or if the order got lost in the shuffle... I'm thinking the latter. Oh well, it came yesterday...

Oh they look so squished...I released them and arranged them in numeric order to satisfy the OCD in me!

Now if you look back at my post of 2 weeks ago - you can click here - there were 3 pairs of socks I'd found on Instagram. I was able to determine which yarns they were knit with... the blue pair is Fabel 677 and 911... I got those yarns... the green pair is Fabel 151 and those... and the black orange pair is Fable 905 and 672...of course I got that too! I also put together a couple of combos of my own using some yarn I already had...what a concept...LOL

While I was waiting for my yarn delivery I tried out the "ragrug" sock idea of knitting alternate rounds - 2 rows each - of two different sock yarns. I picked a solid gray Fabel and some leftover Regia, one of the recent Arne & Carlos ones that are self -striping Fair Isle patterns.

Here is what I got...I like this side...

but I'm not as keen on this side...

It is hard to get jogless stripes when you are only doing 2 rows... I used a technique I found on this YouTube video by Knit Darling, you can see it here where you twist the yarns and slip the first stitch of the second row. I may look better after I wash it . I also found these ideas about jogless stripes on Craftsy - you can see it here - and I'm going to try them too. I'm thinking if you use two more similar yarns the jogs will be less noticeable. I looked on IG and left a question on happygoknitty's pictures to ask how she handles the jogs but haven't heard back yet.

Soooooo I have quite a bit of yarn here to play with... and embarrassment of to decided which yarns to play with hard...LOL...what a great predicament to be in!

Hope you have a good weekend planned...turning noticeably colder tomorrow...frost warning for Saturday night and a freeze warning for Sunday... that will probably be the end of my coleus but that's okay. Need to get my daffodil bulbs in the ground soon.

happy knitting-
carol fun


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  2. Your yarn looks scrumptious! I ordered when you posted about it and have not received it yet. Since this is my first order, I thought it was the norm. Hopefully my squishy package will arrive soon!

  3. Gorgeous! I like that sock a LOT. :)
    Frost last night up here. End of veggies finally. My husband put a tarp over my gladiolas and dahlias. Hope they made it.

  4. I have been following your stripey sock adventures and wanted to suggest a technique I have used. It sounds complicated but once I cast on it all made sense. Scroll down for the slipped stitch version.

  5. One day I just might try my hand at making sock but I am afraid I might get hooked....loved yours


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