Thursday, August 5, 2010

I had to wait.....

till I could show it FINISHED!! Yippee!! Doing a happy dance -- (be glad you can't see that)

I got the final stitches in late last night and looked it over this morning and I didn't find anything I wanted to add. I stitched mine and my sons' initials into the piece. I always try to do that but I do admit I don't enjoy stitching them over one thread but that what this piece took. This piece was a pleasure to stitch and will be a wonderful addition to my sampler collection. I dropped it off at the framers after dinner so I should be able to show it in all its framed glory in about 2 weeks - stay tuned!

So today I started a new sampler -- OMG - I know you are shocked!! I was going to start the new BBD chart that I just got from Myra but when I measured the piece of linen I wanted to use i discovered it is too small. My LNS is closed on Thursday during the summer so I'll have to wait till tomorrow. So I started the Magic Garden Sampler by Shakespeare Peddler.

I like the graphic qualities of this sampler but I've made some changes in the colors of floss that were chosen. I see the flowers down the left side of the piece as being day lilies and I'm not sure what the designer had in mind but the floss for these flowers is Sampler Thread Onyx which is black. Now maybe there are some purple undertones in this skein but I'm just not seeing it. So I changed the flowers to a beautiful skein of Sampler Threads called Orange Marmalade - it has shades of peach, yellow and orange, just like the day lilies in my garden. I'm liking it much better and then to balance out that I chose Fragrant Cloves for the alphabet that was also charted in Onyx. I love the cute snail and bug and the worm too. I don't' think I've ever stitched a worm before. I love the garden gate with the arbor and the vining flowers. I think all the flosses I've picked with look good on the evenweave that I dyed in yellow, gold, brown and orange. Its going to be sunny piece.

And because I'm real tired and not thinking real clearly I wanted to show this quirky guy. I find him quite interesting but my homeowners association would throw a fit I'd put this guy on my front lawn.

Doesn't everyone need a 6 foot blue rooster made from scrap metal? No,well I do!
Happy stitching -
carol fun


  1. Love your finish and can't wait to see your progress on the Magic Garden.

    I kinda like the quirky blue rooster!

  2. Congrats on your finish!!! And I LOVE the blue rooster!

  3. Great job on the finish. It looks lovely. Enjoy Magic Garden sampler. I have seen this stitched in the original colors and it is beautiful. I'm sure your color choices with be gorgeous. Happy Stitching!

  4. Happy dancing with you Carol that finish is gorgeous!!!
    Can;t wait to see the new start and please send that chicken to me, hubby is the only person that would complain but what does he

  5. Congrats on your gorgeous finish! I love it!!!

  6. Congratulations on the finish! Love the blue rooster!! :0)

  7. OMG I love it! I've been obsessed with Mystery for the past couple of months, so Myra told me I should ask you about what the colours are for it (I asked her b/c I thought she had a piece of it on WMHB, but it turns out she didn't!

    I think it's time for me to make a supplies list and track down those charts! lol!

    At any rate, I'm glad to have found your blog; you work is beautiful and especially loved that "yellow" quilt you made a bit back!

  8. Your sampler is beautiful!!! And dance away, you deserve it :)

    I like that chicken!! My daughter would want that in HER yard! hehe



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