Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sampler Sunday and Charming finishes for July

Well I've been stitching on my BBD Mystery Sampler like a crazy woman and I'm still not finished. Every time I look at the graphs I find motifs here and there that I missed. I want to take my time and recheck it so that when I take it to be framed it is complete.

So for this Sunday I want to share a little bitty sampler of mine. It is by Drawn Thread and I think the title was something about a random spot sampler.

Hmmm....I looked on their website I couldn't find it. However I did see several other Drawn Thread pieces I've stitched and one I started that's in my WIP basket. Gotta dig it back out. This piece is tiny - only 3 1/2" square but it sure packs a lot into a little space. There is the house motif and a crown(for the queen I am LOL!) I should do more samplers this size - almost instant gratification.

And since it is August 1, I looked over my list of Charming Chatter goals for Jul/Aug and found that I have completed a couple. The pillowcase is complete and I have organized my yarn. Here is a picture of one of my 6 boxes.

I'm not sure if this is really organizing, more like just stuffing as much yarn into a container as is humanly possible. Good thing the lids snap on tightly, otherwise there might be a harmful yarn explosion - oh the humanity, but fuzzy (yes I am crazy - crafty and crazy!) This box has a nice selection - I see sock yarn and some lace weight, some yarn I dyed and a bunch of purchased goodies. I also got my patterns organized too. I put them into categories: Socks, Scarves, Shawls, Etc. I found that on several occasions I printed out the EXACT same directions for a scarf, ummm..... like 4 times! Wow, I must really like this pattern. Too bad I've never gotten around to knitting it. (hanging head in shame...)

And this week my faith that crafty people are the nicest kind of people was reaffirmed. I told you how I swapped a OOP pattern with another cross stitcher. Well when I opened the package not only was the graph inside but also this sharp looking little pouch and some adorable heart shaped charms that say "made with love".

Here is the pouch but I couldn't get a good shot of the charms -they were too shiny. I'm sending out my thanks to Myra of Gr8dame's Place You are just too sweet!

Happy stitching,
carol fun


  1. Your little sampler is lovely Carol and I look forward to seeing the BBD.
    Cute pouch from Myra.

  2. Cute little spot sampler Carol. Sometimes we need that gratification that only those small pieces can give us. :o) I am glad you like the little tote and charms. I'll be watching for your start on WMHB, you will love stitching it.


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