Sunday, August 22, 2010

Trying to remember

Another Sunday, another sampler. Not too original but I'm too tired to be creative tonight. This sampler is from Brightneedle, that much I remember.

I looked online for the title but I didn't have any luck. I really should have labeled these pieces when I stitched them but some how I thought I would always remember the names. Which is a ridiculous idea, since most days I forget what I had for lunch!

This one is done in pastel shades that I don't normally use. It very soft and pretty. I loved the half-square triangle border and the block with the Sawtooth Star. A very nice combination of my love of quilts and cross stitch. I'm thinking that the current sampler I working on, Magic Garden by Shakespeare's Peddler would look nice on the same wall as this one.

About the buttons.... my friend Stephie picked these up at a flea market not long ago. The buttons themselves are pretty but not real unusual.......

but the back of the card surprised us. We've shown it to a couple of people and no one can remember ever seeing a card of buttons with this little ruler on the back.

I've been in love with buttons all my life and I have lots of happy memories from my childhood of looking at the buttons in the Fabric Dept. of JC Penneys in the Newport Shopping Center, but I guess I didn't pay much attention to the cards. I wonder what the purpose of the ruler was? Maybe to measure distance between the buttonholes? There is no copyright date on this although it does say it is copyrighted. Hmmmm.... something else I don't remember. Oh well ...

Happy stitching!
carol fun


  1. Love that sampler!! You'll have to show us your progress on Magic Garden!

  2. Love your sampler. The color are great! Brightneedle has some beautiful pieces.

  3. I love buttons and that sampler is just tops! :D

  4. The Brightneedle sampler called "The Birdneck Sampler" Book N°16 from the nine patch series.


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