Sunday, January 15, 2012

A cheerful Sampler for Sunday

Oh the sun is shining and the dusting of snow has disappeared. The weatherman says we'll have a high back in the 50's on Tuesday followed by a precipitous drop to a high in the 20's on Wednesday. That's what I like about the weather in Ohio, you can always count on it changing. LOL!

So I was puttering about the house trying to figure out which sampler to show today and I realized that for the most part I'm not real certain which ones I've shown and which ones I haven't. And since figuring that out would require time and effort on my part, well, it ain't gonna happen. I figure if I don't remember you wont' either (sorry to paint you with the broad brush of menopausal memory loss, that just the way it is.) So if this is a repeat, I hope you think its a good one.

This is Sally Spencer's Sampler from Birds of a Feather. I just love their style and wish they hadn't given up cross stitch for needlepoint design, but then at the price of needlepoint it is probably much more lucrative. Here are two pictures of this piece. When I looked at the first one on my laptop it looked like the best shot.

But then I saw this one and it looked better - I can't decide - so they are both here.

I had this one framed years ago with the framers that the Twisted Threads shop used, Bowman's Backdoor Framing in Ft. Thomas, KY. They always did a great job and I could still use them but it is a trek from my house and Joanns is closer and I am lazy.

And even though this is called Sally Spencer's Sampler this version is all about ME! (have you noticed that vibe today?) I loved the colors of this piece and the red is so unexpected and so happy!

Stitching my first name in the red and making the "C" red and using an eyelet stitch are my personal touches to this one. The caveat of "Sooner begun, sooner done" is a great one, but personally I'm a world class procrastinator so that part hasn't had much effect on me.

Well this evening we are celebrating my oldest son's birthday - he's 27 - oh my goodness how did he get to be that old?? I'm not a day over 32 - wait - that was my age when I had him. See I told you that menopausal memory stuff was bad. He is a great kid. He was able to land the law job of his dreams several months after he passed the bar exam and right now life is going well and I couldn't be happier for him. He worked hard to set himself up for this job - lots of low paid and unpaid positions but it worked out. Happy birthday!

Hope everyone is able to enjoy this lovely three day weekend - I'm having a good time stitching, sewing and knitting and I'm sure that I will be messed up as to which day of the week it is until next Sunday.

Happy stitching-
carol fun


  1. Wonderful sampler, thanks for sharing!

  2. I love this sampler. I wish they were still designing for cross stitch too!
    Hope you have a great celebration with your son!

  3. I have always loved this sampler..I need to stitch it..

  4. I love this sampler! It's one that I have stitched, just never framed. Your weather in Ohio sounds similar to our weather here in Delaware. 50's one day - 20's the next. :)
    I've enjoyed having a look around your blog and look forward to visiting again. :)


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