Monday, September 9, 2013

Big Batik Blocks on Design Wall Monday

I actually had time to turn on my sewing machine and was able to sew together a couple more rows on this quilt. The pattern is by Jaybird Quilts and is called Ballerina.

This is half of the rows and it is going together very well. I'm getting most of the points to come out close to perfect on the first try. Now this is a big big quilt - so big it won't fit on my design wall and it puddles on the floor.

I will be trimming these blocks at the top and bottom before I send it off to be quilted. And here is a close up of some to the center blocks - I'm really loving these batiks.

So off to organize and sort more stuff for the move. Hope you have a great week!

Happy stitching-
carol fun


  1. We just did the sorting and moving thing back in March. It was not fun, although the final result of the move is great. Treat yourself to some fun sewing during the process, it will help you feel better. I love your quilt. I've been thinking of joining the rainbow scrappy monthly thing, and that design would be great for the base block for all the different colours.

  2. That is a big quilt and gorgeous, as usual.

  3. Love your colors in the batik quilt!

  4. I'm glad you were able to get some sewing in-that quilt is going to be beautiful!

  5. Your batik quilt is beautiful. Great pattern for batiks.

  6. Yay for points coming together! The blue you used for the background is making this so rich looking. Hope moving is not a complete PITA!


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