Monday, September 2, 2013

A Three Ring Circus in more ways than one

Well what have I been up to the last week or so? Probably not what you think. For all my friends who hoped my silence meant I was moving into my house, hold that thought. The renovation is very very close to being complete. The hardwood floors are scheduled to be refinished this week. The bathrooms are to be finished this week. And the kitchen counters are to be installed early the following week. The bump in the road I talked about before is getting resolved but it involves punching holes in walls that were finished and now will have to be redone - such are the problems of renovating old houses.

My youngest son started back to college classes. Always a stressful time, as changes in routines are unsettling for him. But on a positive note he does seem to really like his classes.

We had some stormy weather the other night and some big limbs on the trees in front of my son's house came crashing down...on his driveway and lamp post...and on the hood of my car. It looks like it will need some body work. I'll be calling our insurance agent tomorrow and let them sort it out as they carry both my son's homeowners insurance and my car insurance.

But the event that has consumed most of my time has to do with my husband...perhaps the luckiest guy alive with the ability to just miss a major medical event. Two years ago, he avoided a severe heart attack, having 2 stents in emergency surgery. Last week he avoided having a stroke, arriving at the hospital with a severe headache, vomiting, a blood pressure reading of 204/90 and a bleed in his brain that was caught on a CAT scan. He has been told that most patients who arrive at the hospital in this condition, don't often leave in good shape, or at all. They've done several MRIs and he does not have an aneurysm, nor any signs of a stroke. He does have a pool of blood in a ventricle area which luckily did not fill entirely and is now draining. They have gotten his blood pressure down to the lowest readings he's had in years. I don't want to go into all the details but this health crisis is made more complicated by our rocky relationship at this time. Thank you to all my dear friends who have left me vent about this hot mess I have found myself in.

And now for something HAPPY!! I finally got the binding on my Scrappy Trips quilt I call "Three Ring Circus" - a metaphor for this quilt and my life right now.

This quilt finished 72" square. If you'd like to see some close ups of the fabrics I used check them out here and here and here. Cass Plott quilted this one for me and she used a pantograph that has chickens and chicken wire. It was hard to get a good picture of this so use your imagination as you view the photo below.

I found this great fabric in my stash. Polka dots and bigger dots - a very happy finish.

So I'm thinking that the next month is going to be a very busy one for me. I'm hoping to start moving stuff late next week. My contractor's crew has already started assembling furniture for my studio - 5 big bookcases, a cutting table (which is a kitchen island piece from IKEA), a couple of tables and a little filing cabinet which I'm going to use for a work surface and storage. All those dear friends who've left me vent have also volunteered to help me move too -- I have the BEST friends!

Hope things in your life are going smoothly - I soooooo want less drama in my life!
Happy stitching-
carol fun


  1. I hope you can move in soon and that you have a much smoother week :-) When it rains it pours, doesn't it?

  2. Wow Carol! Your husband sure sounds lucky. I am glad that he will be ok. I know that things must be a little awkward right now but I hope that it all goes well.
    It sounds like the house is almost there...Wahoo!
    The quilt is gorgeous.
    I am so glad that no one was hurt in the storm. Cars can be fixed. I hope that this week it will all be smooth sailing.

  3. I do hope life settles down for you. Your husband is a very lucky man.

  4. You have a very lucky hubby! And your quilt looks wonderful! :0)

  5. Scary times! Glad he is okay. Sounds like your house is almost there! When do we get to see more pictures? So glad you weren't in the car when the tree fell! And as always, love your quilt ~ such fun fabrics!

  6. Wow! What a week you've had! Quilt looks fantastic and fun, but I'm thinking about you. Can I help you move?

  7. Love that happy quilt. You're an inspiration to me. Good luck with the house and I guess good luck to hubby too?

  8. Oh, Carol, I hope everything settles down soon and that you find yourself in a comfy little "rut" doing the things you love to do. Bless your heart! Your scrappy quilt is wonderful!!

  9. I think of you every day when I go out to let Carol out of her coop, but I am so behind in checking in with your blog. Your 3 Ring Circus looks amazing, and here's hoping the circus part of your life confines itself to quilts! Goodness - you have been running a chicken... :) Hope things are settling down and you are all moved in by now.


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