Sunday, September 8, 2013

Some much needed slow stitching on Sunday

After all the craziness of the last two weeks (although it seems like it was a lot longer than that) I treated myself to some slow stitching time today. I have snuck in a few stitches here and there that I haven't shown so here is where I am today. I have the borders of every single section of BBD's Anniversaries of the Heart finished.

Oh it is looking so good. It measures 18" high by 26 3/4" wide and will probably cost a small fortune to have it framed but it will be worth every penny. I did see an 65% off coupon in my Joann's ad, so I might go up and pick out the molding and pay for it and Bev will hold it for me till I get the whole thing done.

I still need to go back and add the birth dates and other personalization, and it will take some time to do all of the over one thread stitching that it will require.

Here's a close up of December, entitled "Elizabeth Jane." I think in that bottom section I going to add "when this you see" as I don't have any December birthdays in my family tree.

And this is the last section - a double one called "For Those Recorded Here."

It was nice to find a little spot of quiet today. I'm not sure the next couple of weeks will have a lot of that, but we'll see. I am so chomping at the bit to get things moved into my new place. I was in the house yesterday and they floors had been stained and they looked gorgeous. I'm not sure how much polyurethaned had been put on, but I will say it was potent - made my eyes water. Glad I'm not trying to live there yet. And for more positive news - I got my car back from the repair shop in 3 days. They put a new hood on the car as the tree limb had dented it pretty hard and repainted the front fender. Good as new! And they cleaned the inside of my car - OMG!! it was quite messy and now it looks and smells like I just bought it. I had no idea they would do that. Needless to say I'll be recommending them to any of my friends who need body work for their cars.

Happy stitching-
carol fun


  1. Oh you are so close to finishing. This is going to be absolutely gorgeous all framed up.

  2. Coming down the home stretch! What an amazing piece it is going to be!

  3. it's absolutely gorgeous~!!
    you are right; it deserves to be framed up beautifully.

    happy slow sunday stitching.

  4. It's a beautiful stitchery, Carol! I love all your personalizing. Good thing you have a pal at the framing dept to help you out.

    Hope the drama ends soo soon, after what a crazy mess the last few weeks have been. A clean and intact car and finished floors are a good start :)

  5. Your Anniversaries of the Heart is so beautiful!!!

  6. Your pretty project is really coming along! How great you got a "new" car!

  7. Wow, it looks amazing.

    Greetings, Manuela

  8. Wow Carol, this looks amazing, you are getting really close. I love the socks in your previous post.
    So glad that setbacks are being overcome with your house. Sounds like your move is getting really close too.
    Unfortunately since I work in a pharmacy I understand your experience. Ugh!
    Have a great week!

  9. Love your sampler. It is going to be beautiful in your new house.

    So glad your car is fixed...AND clean!

  10. It looks amazing! I love the detail on this pattern.
    Thanks for linking up!

  11. Your cross stitch is awesome! What a beauty - it will certainly be worth whatever it costs to have it framed. As for the people who fixed up your car - don't you just love it when a company goes the extra mile and does something like that? What wonderful public relations - makes a person feel so good!

  12. That is an impressive work of great stitching. It's going to be a stunner.


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