Friday, May 30, 2014

A little knitting and a little stash enhancement

I only knit a little this week. I've been more in the mood to cross stitch, but I did put a few more rows in on my Carolina socks - the free pattern is here. This is a Kaffe Fassett yarn by Regia.

And as I was knitting ,I vaguely remembered knitting another pair of socks with this yarn a couple of years ago. Look how different the pattern makes the same yarn appear.

Now the brown color in the vanilla sock appears a bit different, but it may have faded. The vanilla socks have been machined washed and dried numerous times.  Love Regia for its ease of care and durability.

About a week ago I found a group on Facebook called Addicted to Sock Knitting - you can see their page here. Well I haven't posted anything to the page but boy have I been impressed with what I've seen. Lots of newbie sock knitters and I love that, and lots of wonderful yarns that have called my name. This has resulted in unplanned stash enhancement... LOL as if stash enhancement were ever really planned. Now in my defense I purchased these skeins with my cashback option on my credit card, so to my little pea brain this is FREE yarn!

First their was this yarn - Fluormania - another Regia yarn. It looks like an entire package of highlighters leaked all over it. Can't wait to cast it on.

And then there was this Regia - it is an older one, and as far as I can tell, out of production.

When I opened the package I was so enamoured with it I went right to my laptop and ordered another 2 skeins.  I have no idea what I'll knit with it but when I did a search online there wasn't much of it out there, so I figured I better get it while I can. I've found that it isn't the yarn, fabric, thread, etc. that I buy that haunts me, it is the stuff that got away that I regret. And after this stash enhancement I was still feeling virtuous as this was FREE yarn and I patted myself on the back that  I didn't succumb to purchasing any of the new  Blue Moon Fibers Socks that Rock on Simply Socks website... at least I haven't succumbed yet - stay tuned, I'll probably cave, cause the one called Cockamamie is  calling my name!

Hope you have a great weekend!
Happy knitting!
carol fun


  1. Carol, I hope you cave before I do, because I LOVE that cockamamie yarn! Hurry up and get it so I don't- lol! I have enough yarn for a lifetime or more, and fabric to last into the next millennium, so I really don't need to be enhancing my stash...

  2. Oh I love your yarn! The Blue Moon Yarn on Simply Socks is calling my name, too, but I have resisted.... so far! It's so difficult! :)

  3. Go for it; STR is great yarn! have you tried the Jaywalker sock pattern? It's very fun with striping yarns.

  4. Oh Oh, I should not have read your post today. Now I want to enhance my sock stash and I'm still on my 2nd pair!! You did great though with all that FREE yarn. Lucky you.!

  5. Yes it looks light a package of highlighters how FUN


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