Friday, May 2, 2014

What's on and off the needles

Last evening while I watched my beloved Cincinnati Reds beat the Milwaukee Brewers I knit the last picot of the bind off for my latest Cladonia shawl. (You can see the pattern here).

It isn't blocked yet but I think you can see the lace pattern.

I love shawls that have 2 or 3 or more colors and this is the third shawl I've knit from this pattern and there may be another one or two or more in my future. I LOVE this pattern. All this yarn came from my stash so this is a free shawl, right?? LOL! Now that green trim and picot edge may be a bit bright but I like it. The whole shawl has a summer-y citrus-y feel for me.

And I got a vanilla stockinette sock done. This is Opal Schafpate 5 yarn and the colorway is called Heidi. You can see it here. The second sock is started so  hopefully someday soon, it will be a pair.

Now onto my next big project. I found both of these yarns in my stash. The one on the left is Araucania and the one on the right is Dream in Color Smooshy. Both are sock weight. I'm going to be using my new Hiya Hiya needles. Nice long sharp points.

This is going to be "It a Mystery" Shawl  by Romi Hill. You can see the it here. If you go to the project page where people posted their shawls don't be put off  by the fact that each project is showing the Mystery picture. Click on the part where is says the number of photos and you can see the color combinations they came up with.

Hope you have a great weekend!
Happy knitting!

carol fun


  1. I need these socks in my life, Opal looks so wonderful! Do you know if Heidi is still available?

  2. Love your "vanilla" sock...and the yarn you knit it in.

  3. Beautiful shawl!! love the sock

  4. Nice work! That shawl is gorgeous. And the socks are fun, too. It'll be fun to see what your next project is like; I like both Romi and Kirsten's designs a whole lot.

  5. Your needles are whipping up some awesome things, that shawl is just wonderful!


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