Friday, August 28, 2015

Blue Moon over Ohio...

Even though most of this summer it has been too hot to wear socks, that has not stopped me from knitting socks...and I have almost exclusively knit socks using Blue Moon Socks that Rock yarn. Their website is here and the colorways they offer change throughout the year so there is always something new to tempt me. (OH CARP... as I went to their site to copy the link I saw that they just posted  over 20 new colorways.... on just a first glance I think I need Galatic Broccoli and THE Yellow Eyed Demon and The Earl of Purl and Dancing in the Moonlight.. and argghhh...I have NO self control!)

Anyway, the first pair I completed was this colorway "Room without a Roof"... a very HAPPY yarn! (Get the Pharrell reference?)

Now what surprised me was that these two socks are pretty matchy for a hand dyed yarn...the pooling around the ankle is almost identical. I in no way tried to make these socks match... if you've been reading this blog for any time at all you know I much prefer unmatched socks. Usually when I finish the first sock I rewind the yarn so it is coming off the ball in the opposite direction for the second sock, but I didn't do that for this pair. I in no way tried to start the second sock at a similar spot as the first but boy did they knit up matchy.

And then there is this pair, my homage to Annette Funicello, "Beach Blanket Bingo"...and again I have awfully matchy socks!

Not only has this been a summer of knitting Blue Moon yarn, it has been a summer of being lazy. Again I didn't rewind the yarn after I finished the first sock and made no attempt to start the second sock at a similar spot as the first. I suppose since I prefer unmatchy socks the yarn gods are playing with me. I know many knitters who bemoan the outcome when their socks aren't identical and that is what I'm always trying to get... fraternal twin socks not identical twin socks. Oh well, they are only isn't world peace I'm working on.

And this is my start on one of those skeins of Rare Gems ... a skein with no name...

I've gone down a needle size to 2.5 for this pair and they do seem to be a bit snugger...I was curious to see what difference if any a smaller needle would make and at the time I cast them on I had all my 2.75 circulars full of other socks. I always like how the yarn pools on the knit one through the back loop, purl one cuff...and for a hot minute I considered knitting the whole sock that way but came to my senses after 10 rows ( my standard cuff) when I couldn't stand the constant change anymore.

Now that I've freed up another pair of circulars I thought about casting on and trying a rib pattern...maybe K4, P1 to see what would happen but when I tried to pull yarn from the center of the cake it was all knotted up... so I took that as another sign from they yarn gods and stopped... I really think they are messing with me this summer. LOL!

Our lovely stretch of weather is coming to an end this weekend. I've had the windows open and the AC off all week and it has been sooooo nice. Today were going to hit the 80's and there are 90's in the forecast for next week. Since Fall is my favorite time of year I have enjoyed the cooler temperatures... oh well... Fall will come again in another couple of weeks. I'm ready to break out my Fall decorations... bring on the pumpkins!!!

Hope you have a lovely big plans here...dinner with my family on Sunday at my house...I'm thinking something Italian...maybe lasagna.

happy knitting-
carol fun


  1. Love your socks. I too prefer fraternal socks, not that I have very many. My first socks matched perfectly and they haven't since then.

  2. great socks I really love the blue and yellow I'll have to look for that yarn
    have a great weekend

  3. Love the socks and STR yarn, too. How'd you get the rare gem? They do seem rare!

  4. Your socks are wonderful! Especially the first pair. I'm trying to knit up some of the yarn I have before buying more, but Want more Socks That Rock!!

  5. Love BMFA yarn! They are so fun to knit to see how they'll knit up and they have such lovely colors. Good luck resisting the new colors.

  6. Wonderful socks! Thanks for sharing with us in blogland!

  7. I love seeing your amazing socks!

  8. Your socks are fabulous. I don't knit but had to go see all those yarns you were talking about...I really wanted to buy them. I don't understand why you hesitate at all!!! I would buy every stinking colorway!

  9. I don't knit but love your socks and the great names of the yarn. We've been having your high temp weather and am gladly sending it back! There's a huge pumpkin field I drive by several times a day and love seeing it.

  10. Love the socks! I don't knit but it's still pretty rare just to end up with matching socks out of the dryer in this household! P.S. Loved the crack kitties quilt, too! Lol!
    Too funny, but seriously good work!


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