Sunday, August 2, 2015

Now I can show and tell...

For the past month I've been working on a sampler that I couldn't show as it was a secret SAL project on the Facebook page Prim Stitchers Society. It is a closed group so I'm not sure how much you can see, but you can ask to be part of the group and see all of the different versions of this...

May Day Sampler by Brenda Gervais. This was a free graph and every stitcher interpreted it in a different and beautiful way. I hand dyed the linen I used, which was in my stash, as were all the flosses. I used DMC, Gentle Arts, Weeks and Crescent Colors. I stitched 2 over 2 for all of the design except for the border which is one over two.

When I started the border I thought I'd go back and do satin stitches over the crosses but after I finished it I really liked the lacy look so I left well enough alone. I did use 26 different flosses to do the alphabet. Each letter is a varying shade of gold/yellow and I did the C and the N in more brown tones for my sons' initials. Oh the true color of the linen is closer to the first picture than to this picutre.

Part of the rules of the SAL was that the piece needed to be finished. Now usually I have mine framed and there wasn't time for that so I mounted it to a small quilted square I had and hung it on this table stand. My secret (which isn't a secret now) is that the linen is just folded back and is mounted with double stick tape... ohhhh... horrors!!! I still think I want to have this framed but before I do I think I'm going to restitch the bluebirds. My friend Marcella in California also stitched this piece and she turned the bluebirds into the most beautiful robins... I want robins! I'll have to see if I can show you a picture of Marcella's sampler... I'd call her but it is only 6am in California as I write this so I"m not going to do that. And the upside of my temporary finishing is that I can make the changes and then send it off to Bev to be framed...yeah!

And I can finally get around to showing the little Crops tablerunner I made for the chest in the living room.

And here is the little BBD piece August that I got back from Bev the other day. I'm very happy with this frame.

I really want to do more small pieces like this one... and even smaller ones to put in that large bird bowl I got at Pier 1.

I think it would be a lovely space to display smalls and I have a couple of ideas... some Prairie Schooler stuff and some With Thy Needle & Thread and of course more BBD...all birds and nature themed. Just like my quilting I will never run out of cross stitch piece to do!

Well I'm looking forward to a nice Sunday... the weather is gorgeous 80's but very low humidity...unheard of in August in Ohio. My son and his bride are coming for dinner, grilled chicken and salads and I've got the chicken marinating and the salads are prepped. I may even have some stitching time this afternoon... a great way to spend a Sunday.

I'll be linking up with Kathy's Quilts today and Super Mom- No Cape on Monday,

happy stitching-
carol fun


  1. SO many ideas and so little time :)
    I smiled when I read that you are going to transform the blue birds into robins... they are my favourite birds in the spring. Love that May Day Sampler... I like the key in the design too!

  2. Lovely! I like the way you displayed the SAL.

  3. These are all gorgeous !!
    Love the display, too.

    Southwestern PA here / same weather...wonderful !

  4. I like your SAL interpretation. Such courage with linen and floss colors! Hope is beautiful - the frame is stunning.

  5. These are beautiful, I love all the different shades you used for the alphabet.

  6. I love your interpretation of the design!! Just beautiful. It would be fun to see the robins in the design. I like the way you always show your son's initials in a different color. Hope your dinner was delightful! The food sounded yummy!

  7. All of your cross stitching projects are just lovely. You have more patience than I do when it comes to those. Especially like your blue birds. Have you done any hummingbirds - they are one of my favorites.

  8. Love your SAL finish. Such a pretty color way. Love the other pieces too!

  9. So many great cross stitches and I love that you get them framed.

  10. Your projects are very pretty. I love that bird bowl and your idea to fill it with smalls. Pretty table runner also.

  11. Hi Carol,
    I have just found your blog via Super Mom No Cape's Stitchery Party.

    What a clever way to finish your sampler quickly, and it looks great on the quilt. I like your dyed fabric and the different colours of the alphabet really finish the picture nicely. I thought your blue birds looked great but I do think the robins are very pretty too!

    I will certainly be back to have another look at your lovely blog. Nice to have met you.

    Have a great week!

    Barbara xx

  12. I clicked on the link to the one with Marcella's version of the sampler before I clicked on this link. I have to say that I really like both versions... yours and hers.

    And I love that bird bowl you got a Pier 1. I'll have to stop in next time I see a Pier 1 and see if they still have them.


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