Sunday, April 4, 2021

Happy Easter!!

 Hello -- just popping in to wish all of you a very Happy Easter!!  Mine is quiet and peaceful ... celebrated yesterday with my family... did an Easter Egg hunt with Elliott... and gave him a themed Easter basket...

I filled a dump truck with Easter goodies... he's really into ALL construction vehicles... diggers, bulldozers, excavators, dump trucks...  it was a big hit ... and next week is his birthday and I have a companion bulldozer to go with the dump truck.

As for the last of my Easter decor... this is my back hall way... the one every one comes through...

As I remember the bunny was a Debbie Mumm pattern... it is done with Debbie Mumm fabrics, that rare collection that she did with pastels.

Here's the display in my kitchen... I really love styling this chicken wire box...

I have a nice collection of Rae Dunn Easter stuff.. 

In a couple of days I'll pack up the bunnies and the eggs  and replace them with birds... I'm ready for Spring... this week the weather has been all over the place... started off with a day in the 70's...things got gray...and then cold...and then it SNOWED... okay flurried ...and now it is back up to 70... I'm itching to  go to the garden stores... one of my favorites opened up last week... need a shopping trip there... might not buy anything yet but will scope it out. Got some ideas for new plants I want to play with. 

I spent some quality time with the needlepoint stocking this week... actually got a callus on my thumb and forefinger from pulling the needle through the canvas... and seeing some real progress... and to reward myself I took a break and started a new sampler piece (lets not talk about all the WIPs and UFOs lurking in their nicely sealed plastic bags, okay???) 

Ok - I was going to show you a picture of what I'm working on but for some reason I can not get them to load... here's a link to the chart...

This is Because It's Spring by From the Heart Needleart by Wendy... now I changed all the flosses because I'm stitching on 32 ct I painted with Rit dyes... Lemon Yellow and Apple Green...  I'm using all DMC... I like how variegated the nest is, but I don't seem to have an overdyed like that in my stash.... soooooo, my plan is to make it tweedy using 2 different strands of DMC at the same time... 

My plan for the rest of the day is to sit out here on the sunroom porch and stitch... doing prime rib sliders for dinner... using left over prime rib from I think Christmas... the rest of the week is filling up... babysitting, haircut, appointments.... nice temperatures predicted... hope they are right... 

Hope you have a lovely Sunday and a happy and productive week ahead... I know that there are more things on my list of things I want to do than I could ever get done in one week... or two... or three... or forever...LOL

happy stitching-

carol fun 


  1. I love the Easter decor! Filling the dump truck with Easter goodies is a great idea. I am not yet ready for gardening. We are barely making it to 60 degrees most days and sometimes staying in the 50s. I usually hit the garden stores in May.

  2. What a super basket for Elliot. My grandson would have loved it when he was a little guy. I remember standing with him for about an hour watching a cement truck pour sidewalks!! My very sweet daughter spent the day with us. She has next week off for spring break(she works for the school district) Anyway we did lots of planning to hit garden centers. She is more into veggies and I am a flower person. So we both have fun. I have really enjoyed seeing all your wonderful Easter decorating. Can't wait to see all the bird things. I will leave eggs and bunnies up for a bit as I have really no Spring as such. I will get out patriotic by mid May. So I am doing a small Quaker sampler just to fill the time. Glad you had a relaxing Easter and hope the week ahead brings good things your way!

  3. What a sweet Easter dump truck for your grandson,Carol. I bet he loved it . Your decor is so pretty ,Carol and can not wait to see your stitched piece. Your fabric sounds delightful. Happy quilting.

  4. I loved your Easter display, especially the yellow pots on the top. Now onto your Spring display :)


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