Wednesday, August 27, 2014

WIP Wednesday

Got in some sewing time and was able to assemble this part of my Soho Chic Ziggurat quilt! This is how it photographs under the fluorescent lights in my basement...

and here it is on the floor of my living room next to the big picture window. I had hoped for more natural light but as soon as I was ready to take this picture the sun went behind the clouds.

That background is so hard to capture. I called it acid pea green the other day. It some light it looks more mustard-y and in other light it looks more chartreuse. It does look good up in the living room which is where it will reside once I get it done.

Another look a the background in different locations - here is the basement...

and here it is in the living room.

As the cliche goes, it is what it is, and I'm good with that. Now to measure and get the borders on. Perhaps a project for after dinner. I need to work on something that will go more smoothly than this day has gone.

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Warning - rant of tired mom ahead...feel free to exit now.  Okay, I think a lot of you  know that I have an adult son with Aspergers. He's pretty high functioning in some areas but as most people with autism his skill set is uneven. In fact if I had to describe him in one word "uneven" would be at the top of the list. College classes started Monday and he takes a couple of classes each semester. He attends the class and then I add a lot of time, attention and hand holding at home for him to complete the work. Monday started okay, Tuesday wasn't bad, but today the wheels got loose on the cart. He totally misread what the homework assignment was for his class today. In fairness, he said that at least a third of the class misread it too. I looked it over again as I did when he was doing the homework, and I still would have interpreted it the same way my son did. This makes me annoyed that this instructor, of an English Composition class, didn't write a clearer description of the assignment and wouldn't give him any credit for the work he did do.

Now, you're probably thinking this isn't a big deal, but it is for him. He has now started off on the wrong foot. He has blown the first assignment of the entire semester. It is easier to build success on success than on failure. He doesn't have a ton of confidence in his abilities and navigating these classes is a struggle for him. I know that the instructor has no clue about this, nor would I expect her to. This is our problem, but at the moment I'm tired of fighting these battles. It is one of those days when I question why we are doing what we are doing and I know there isn't a definitive answer. I remind myself, as I remind my son, things will look better tomorrow or the day after and right now I'm looking forward to Friday.

Gonna go sew at bit -

carol fun


  1. Commiserating with you at the injustices of the world and that your son has had a setback. It IS a big deal. On the other hand, he's blessed to have you in his corner and sewing sounds like the perfect way to blow off some steam when the teeter totter refuses to balance. Here's hoping for better days ahead. I commend you for, as hard as some days are, showing your boy that he CAN do this!
    That pattern caught my eye at the quilt shop and heaven knows I have enough jelly rolls that need to be in cute quilts like that instead of collecting dust in a basket!

  2. I stopped by your blog on a linky from Freshly Pieced! I needed to see what a "Polk-a-dot chicken was all about! :)
    Beautiful work on your blog and I look forward to exploring the rest!
    As for your son, I totally understand about the frustration you must feel regarding the teacher/instructor! My daughter had a teacher like that, who just wouldn't give a kid a break! Not that she has autism but she tries to do everything right! And when a good kid feels "punished" for a misunderstanding it pretty much shoots down their motivation! Some teachers are just in it for a "job" not because they truly love teaching! Anyway! I just wanted to let you know that your "rant" did not go unheard! I feel your pain!

  3. Tomorrow is another day and I hope it is better :) Is there anyone you can speak to at the college, it seems unfair when others thought the same!?

  4. Lovely sewing. SOrry to hear about the struggles with the English tutor - you would have though they at least could speak proper English. If he isn't the only one on the course who made the same error, you should be able to take it higher? I hope you feel better int he morning, and that your son does too.

  5. You are right, in a weeks time things will seem less annoying/aggravating, and in a fortnight hopefully your son will even be able to begin to forget about this assignment a bit. And I know that in a fortnight you will certainly have sewed up a storm so we all look forward to seeing it!!

  6. Doesn't it seem odd that a third of the class did the same. Sounds like poor instructions to me. Sending big ole hugs to you both. Oh love the quilt!

  7. Your quilt top is very fun, love the color - am currently working on something that morphs to different shades depending on where I look at IS all good.
    Regarding your post as a mom- I too had a challenging situation in school with my son. Since kindergarden, we/I have struggled to ensure that he receives all the "tools" required to learn and grow. That being said, I single handedly sued our school district, not once - but twice - and prevailed both times!! We mom's are sometimes the ONLY ones who care enough to make sure that the future adults of this country get off to a good start in life.
    Best wishes to you and your son as he continues his journey in life. THAT TEACHER made a mistake........

  8. Your quilt is fun and different from what I'm used to seeing.

    This is the FIRST year my GS was happy after the first day of school. I was so relieved. When he and his mom visisted his teacher from last year to say hello her comment was, 'Well Evan, did you have any issues like you did last year on the first day of school?!' Wow! Guess she held it against him for the whole year last year. And he's only in fourth grade. Sigh.

  9. That is so frustrating for your son and you! I work one-on-one with a boy on the spectrum and I know all too well how one small thing can build them up or quickly throw them off...I hope it gets better from here!


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