Monday, August 18, 2014

Change of weather, change of pace on Design Wall Monday

EDITED - added picture of quilt top - scroll down - thanks!

Last week the weather was wonderful - cool temperatures overnight, low humidity, a nice breeze all day long. I had the windows open and it was like San Diego weather... in Ohio... in August! A total fluke! This week is starting hazy, hot, humid and rainy- yeah, that is the Ohio weather I know... I don't like it but I know it. And while last week had me thinking about chrysanthemums and pumpkins, this week I have frozen smoothies on the brain to cool down.

I broke open two charm packs of Pat Sloan's batik collection, One for Me, and One for You and paired it with a cool turquoise batik I just picked up from Fabric Shack. Love that store!

The color is in the photo is off but the best I could get last night in my studio. I made 16 BIG nine patch blocks which will be the foundation for a Charm Pack Cherry quilt. You can find the pattern for free
here on Jolly Jabber.

And here it is sliced but not yet sewn together... I'm LOVING it!

Now these pictures show the true colors of these fabrics. I did add some pieces from my stash as that turquoise batik was very similar to some of the fabrics in the Pat Sloan collection.

I need to slice these BIG blocks in half and then shuffle and sew them back together. Nice easy sewing which it exactly what I'm craving right now. I had hoped that the two weeks my son had off between the summer and fall sessions of classes would give us a lot of down time but it filled up way too much. This week has 1 lunch and 2 dinner engagements for me, a lunch and a dinner engagement for my son, a hair cut appointment, a basement repair issue that needs to be dealt with and a trip to an anime convention which has me providing transportation. Its going to be busy, busy, busy. The more I have to run around the more I just want to stay home and sew!

happy stitching-
carol fun


  1. Lovely fabric. Can't wait to see how you slice and shuffle them back together. :) ~Melanie

  2. Love your fabric combo, will make a great quilt. Thanks for the pattern link. May try it in RW&B.

  3. So pretty! These mid-size color-filled blocks are talking to me! I feel relaxed yet excited when seeing them. "cheerful engagement"?

  4. You weather sounds wonderful and your quilt looks wonderful too! You sure are busy! I hope you have some time to sew!

  5. You are going to have a busy week! Your new colors are so pretty . I love the look of batiks.

  6. That's a great pattern. Love your colors. Can you knit while anime-ing


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