Monday, August 4, 2014

Growing my Avant Garden on Design Wall Monday

Oh I am having a very good time with this Avant Garden collection of fabric and this pattern, Topiary Tiles, is working out nicely to show off the big scale prints. The block is easy to assemble and I have all the pieces cut so I can sit and pick and choose combinations - some kinda matchy, others that I'm not sure what I was thinking. And I always worry that when I get to the last block or two the fabrics I'll have left will clash terribly. Oh well, I think the crazy combinations I put together on purpose will balance out those last stragglers - at least I hope so!

And what a difference this sashing makes -- sooooooo much better than the stuff I picked last Monday- what was I thinking? Glad I came to my senses. It was so busy it was making me a bit dizzy - not good.

Twenty blocks done and 5 more to go.... and I think 8 more cornerstones. I went with my idea of making the cornerstones from quarter square triangles.

I mixed them up, just trying to keep from repeating any fabric twice in the same square.

I really like the blue in this collection.

One last look as I left my sewing room... I like it a lot!

happy stitching-
carol fun


  1. Love your fabric! And your cornerstones are so cute. The border fabric is perfect... pulls all of the blocks together. Lovely!

  2. Genius that the cornerstones are a print! I love that.

  3. Fun fun fun. This is another happy project!

  4. Love this quilt! The yellow is so perfect for the sashing.

  5. Wow what a fun quilt and I love the cornerstones. What fun it will be to quilt.


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