Monday, August 11, 2014

Entering the DANGER ZONE on Design Wall Monday

So there wasn't as much sewing time in my weekend as I would have liked....but then is there ever enough sewing time? Right now I have all of the block rows and sashing rows assembled.

The bottom two rows are sewn with the sashing - 2/5 of the way there - 40% - not too bad. I do like this Topiary Tiles pattern and I'm really digging the Avant Garden fabric -it makes me think of the 70's - all kinda hippie and cool - LOL!

As for the cornerstones, all I can say was "what was I thinking?" oh yeah, I wasn't thinking. Making them with random quarter square triangles is a great look but a pain in the butt to assemble. Lots of pinning, sewing, ripping, re-pinning, re-sewing... you get the idea.

And this quilt has definitely entered the DANGER ZONE. That is the place where I can see what the total quilt is going to look like. Much of the assembly has been completed and I am painfully aware of the difficulties I am going to encounter in sewing it together. This is the time where it is in great jeopardy of being taken off the design wall and put into a plastic bin. The DANGER ZONE where projects turn into UFOs...

trying hard...NOT...TO...LET...THAT...HAPPEN...argghhhhh!!!

Those cornerstones are fussy and I got another hare brained idea that when I cut that dotty fabric for the border I should cut it so that the dots form a scallop around the edge. Oh it will look cool but it is going to be another fussy task. At least I realized that I'm not going to even attempt to miter the corners of this top, but I haven't decided what is going to go in the corners yet. Maybe blocks like the Topiary Tile pattern but smaller scale or the easy way would be cornerstones - maybe solid ones out of the yellow grunge I used for the sashing or maybe GIANT quarter square triangles. If there is a way to make it more difficult I will find it! LOL

These blocks are looking good!

Well this Monday is not starting well, my contractor said he'd be here today... this morning even... but it is now pushing noon and no sign of him. Big sigh! He's suppose to do some repair work on my son's house and I have to be around to let him in and I've got another project for him here which I wasn't in a hurry for but he said he's take care of it now. I do really like my contractor but it seems to be the norm that they have no concept of time. He does GREAT work, he's trustworthy, his prices are reasonable, but he is always running behind and spreading himself too thin. After all the work he's done at my house and my son's house I don't want to look for another contractor, so I will hang in there... but not without a little grousing.

happy stitching-
carol fun

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