Thursday, July 23, 2015

Putzing on Pinterest...

I spend too much time on Pinterest... but if there is a 12 step program to help you stop...I don't want to know about it! LOL The other day I was studying researching wasting time on Pinterest and came across this wreath and here's a link to the directions.

It looked so cool and summery and I wanted a new wreath for my front door and it looked easy and quick... so I jumped in. Here's my version...

Now I couldn't find the turquoise striped mini cupcake liners she used but I did find these multi-color mini cupcake liners in the cake decorating department at Wallyworld. Here's close up of how they look flattened out.

Even though you flatten them out there is a lot of the white reverse side that shows and I'm not sure I like that but I went with it. I added the orange butterflies for some interest.

Now for my caveat on this project... it wasn't too expensive as I already had a Styrofoam wreath and some ribbon. The cupcake liners cost about $1.75 for 100 and I used somewhere between 200 - 250. The pins weren't expensive either until I ran into problems. It takes a while to flatten the liners and pin them into a Styrofoam wreath...I first covered my wreath with some orange ribbon I had on hand. However my choice of straight pins was not ideal. I  picked up some inexpensive short applique pins at Wallyworld thinking I didn't want to go all the way through the wreath. Hmmmm... not good. Not enough length in the pin to get a good bite of the wreath and the small heads sometimes just went through the liner leaving a hole as the liner fluttered to the floor...grrrrrr! So I got more pins, cheap ones with a bigger longer length and large glass/plastic heads and ended up repinning the entire wreath, which effectively made the whole project take twice as long... and therefore while interesting and fairly inexpensive,  it was not a fast project. Live and learn from my mistakes...if I ever make another one I'll just buy pins with the bigger heads the first time around.

I'm not sure how this would hold up to a lot of weather. My wreath hangs on my door behind my storm door on my front porch which is pretty sheltered. I wonder if eventually the humidity may cause the liners to get a bit limp but so far so good.

So go and spent some time studying researching wasting time on Pinterest. I'm sure you'll find some fun stuff. If you want you can always look at my boards... here's a link to the stuff I've collected.

happy stitching and crafting!
carol fun


  1. I am going to have a look at your boards. Between, blogs, Facebook groups, and Pinterest, I do spend too much time in this computer room. The wreath does look super!

  2. Oh Pinterest. I daren't go on there as I'll be lost for the day. I love that wreath though and may have to venture in. If Im not home by tomorrow send the Marines to come and find me please

  3. I have always been scared to try figured I would have an epic Pinter eat Fsil! Your wreath is anything but and is very cool!

  4. I have always been scared to try figured I would have an epic Pinter eat Fsil! Your wreath is anything but and is very cool!

  5. How cute is that?! That's a cute idea for a party and yes, I too am a Pinterest addict. I don't do FB or other social media, but Pinterest definitely has me hooked. I do try a lot of the recipes and things I pin though. Just this morning I made homemade Soft Scrub and cleaned my stove and tub and I put all my cupcake liners in a cute mason jar, and there is a new recipe in the oven...all from Pinterest.

  6. CUTE wreath!! My daughter keeps trying to get me on Pinterest... and Instagram... I'm slow as Christmas! Ha! blessings~ tanna


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