Monday, July 20, 2015

Bird brained...

Okay, after finishing my Go 4 It quilt and my Bar Code quilt, I was making a very concerted effort to keep myself from starting another quilt with a bajillion little pieces. Sooooooo... I started a table runner... it only needed to by 13" wide and 31"long... and somehow I ended up with this...

which only had a million little pieces instead of a bajillion...LOL! Yes, yes...this is a bit of hyperbole.  I used the block called Crops from Lori Holt's book Farm Girl Vintage as my starting point. I ended up making it as long rows instead of individual blocks but that didn't eliminate using little bitty 1" square connector corners...about 80 of them. I could have done the 12" version and that would have been about half the work but I like the way the smaller leaves look and it allowed me to cut a ton of different greens. Hmmm...somehow I still ended up back at a bajillion pieces.

As far as being bird brained, well that's a reference to my mental state and  to this background fabric.

It is from the Basic Grey collection called Persimmon and I couldn't resist buying several yards when it first came out. Glad I did because when I did a Google search I didn't find a lot of it out there. I want to get this table runner quilted today. I have plans for a cute vignette on my little yellow chest featuring this runner topped with several other bird elements. I LOVE all kind of birds...robins, sparrows, finches, cardinals and chickens!

The weather guy is teasing me with better weather for the end of the week... after a few more torrential downpours and 90 degree temperatures like we had this weekend. Sheesh! It is like living in a sauna. Thank goodness for central air conditioning.

Happy stitching-
carol fun


  1. Sew cute! I can't resist using a variety of colors either! This will make a wonderful base for your vignette idea.
    We had remnants of a hurricane from Mexico--it was 87 degrees here yesterday with 81% humidity. And we DON'T have central air, neither do probably 95% of the homes in this beach city. Thankful for the rain tho!

  2. Wow, so cute. I hope you post a picture of your vignette when you have it assembled. I'm sure it will be as wonderful as your runner.


  3. Love the look of the leaves, I think your hard work was definitely worth it!

  4. That will be a delightful runner well worth the time and effort. Hope your weather improves. After 94 yesterday and no AC, today's 75 is blessed relief!

  5. Great looking table runner. Love the background fabric

  6. I enjoy all your posts, but especially sock posts. I don't knit, but laughed at Boot Farts!

  7. I feel your pain -- not starting anything new until things are done. Honestly, every once in a while we need to reward our good behavior! I like your table runner.


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