Friday, July 31, 2015

Its a yarn-y kind of day...

I got another sock knitted this week...which is a good thing...except it is another single "looking for love in all the wrong places" sock, instead of a" found my solemate" kinda sock. Oh well, I blame it on the yarn as I couldn't resist casting on this colorway of Blue Moon Socks That Rock to see how it would knit up.

This is Beach Blanket Bingo... a homage (prononced oooo-mage) to Annette Funicello...a quintessential summer delight! This one gave me a little pooling around the ankle...and I'm intrigued with how the "stripes" on the foot seem narrower and closer together than on the leg even though there is the same number of stitches both sections. I wonder what the mate will look like...stay tuned, but don't hold your breath. It may be a while before I get back to this skein as 3 more skeins of BMSTR made an appearance in my mailbox yesterday.

These 3 don't have names other than being classified as Rare Gems. They are one of a kind skeins. I purchased them sight unseen... took a chance... a sort of yarn lottery...and I think I came out a winner. I have high hopes for pooling out of the first skein on the left. I probably wouldn't have chosen the middle skein but I like it and I think it will be pretty too. The last skein on the right I'm not sure of yet. The contrast between the teal and the hunter green isn't as pronounced as in the picture. I'm envisioning a pretty little shawl or perhaps a pair of patterned socks. I think patterned socks are better in more tone on tone kinda yarns.

And then there is this mindless project...Nerine by Drops Design... you can see it here. It is a free pattern.

The yarn is Drops Kid-Silk and it is like knitting a cloud. I'm using the color Sea Green (although to me it is more Sea Turquoise) and you can see all the colors here. I've had to work on keeping my stitches nice and loose. I can be a tight knitter but much improved from my first pair of socks that were so tight they cut off my circulation below the ankle..arghh!! I'm placing the blame for this project on Mary Ann who made sure I saw the pattern...and I couldn't resist.

Have you noticed there is a lot I can't resist where fabric, yarn and floss are concerned? It is good thing that my vices are liquor, drugs and gambling. LOL

Well, I'm waiting for the inspector from Duke to come and look at the electrical work I had done 2 weeks ago. Glad to have this project finished and feel my house is safer for it, although I could have bought a WHOLE LOT of yarn for what it cost me.

hope you have a great weekend!
happy knitting!
carol fun


  1. Your sock is gorgeous! I love that Socks that Rock yarn, too. We might have to start a fan club for the Socks that Rock yarn! Your Rare Gems is great yarn. It will be interesting to see how the purple and green knit up for you. Have fun and Happy Pooling!! :)

  2. Thanks -- I did just copy off the scarf pattern as I have some yarn that is very light weight and would work good for his pattern--right now I am into knitting baby sweaters and hats for charity-

  3. SHE yarn is one of my favorite yarns,too. Love the sock and your collection!

  4. I definitely agree that you won the yarn lottery with your selection. I think all of them are beautiful. That free pattern yarn looks like heaven. I've never knitted anything that light and airy. Can't wait to see you model your finished garment.!

  5. love the sock and the new yarn. Knitting is something I've tried but hasn't clicked yet. I'm great at squares, scarves and dropped stitches. Anything else is a disaster

  6. I'll happily swap you a skein for that middle one.


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