Monday, July 13, 2015

Almost to the checkout...

All the blocks are finished and they've been arranged and rearranged and my Bar Code quilt is almost done and ready for checkout.

I got the idea for this quilt here from Kvilstina's blog. It was a bee block that totally captivated me. Now I did get sidetracked there for a bit with the novelty Charming Stars but I'm happy to have this one almost done.  The bottom 3 rows are sewn to each other ... the next row up is ready to be added and the last 2 rows need to be sewn to each other.

It was fun to include novelty prints in these blocks both in the color portions and the low volume portions.

I like smiling lady bugs and the pink and white poodles and the bit of the irons and the chicken wire in this block.

And this lime green block has monkeys and silverware and one of those Day of the Dead guys fiddling away.

And this red block contains lots of stuff I love... I love the little bluebird with a heart in his beak, and those goofy faces in the red fabric and those mustaches.  Mustaches have been a big "thing" in the past year or two ,and no more so than they are right now in my fair city, Cincinnati. They are playing the Major League Baseball All-Star game tomorrow night at Great American Ball Park, if Mother Nature permits. We've had rainy weather on and off over the weekend and today we had a wicked storm. I was outside trying to take down my flag and I can't remember seeing such dark ominous clouds. The wind was something like 40mph and it blew all my flower pots off of the railing of my porch, pretty much mashing everything in them. A trip to the nursery will be in order tomorrow.

Anyway back to the mustaches... I know you are totally lost as to where I was going ... me too... the Cincinnati Reds were the first professional baseball team and back when they started in 1866 most of the players sported mustaches. The city of Cincinnati has played off of this theme and we have benches all over town that look like mustaches...

This one is in front of City Hall where my older son works. But the biggest mustache may be this one...

It was just serendipity that we have a building that can be morphed into an old time-y baseball player we call Mr. Redleg.

So cross your fingers and say a prayer that Mother Nature lets them get in the game tomorrow night. I'll be watching and stitching. I know it will be a good game because it is one my beloved Cincinnati Reds can't lose... as they aren't playing...which is a good thing as this is getting to be a very long depressing season... they are 8 games under .500 and totally out of the running for anything post season... good thing there is always next year!

happy stitching-
carol fun


  1. Your barcode quilt looks awesome! I love scrappy quilts!

  2. Your Barcode quilt looks great, a very cool idea. I love the mustache building! Hope you get to see your ballgame .

  3. Great quilt. I love the moustaches in your city, so funny

  4. Great quilt. I love the moustaches in your city, so funny

  5. I love this quilt so much! I can't wait to see it finished!

    I have recently learned to love baseball (my husband is a HUGE Indians fan) and we had so much fun watching your hometown hero win the Home Run Derby last night!

  6. "my Bar Code quilt is almost done and ready for checkout" Hahaha that is so funny. I can see why you had to make it - it's so lovely. My hubby has a mustache and all the kids are crazy over mustache stuff - so we ought to go to mustache land - Cincinnati! Oh, I love baseball - and I love the old timey picture of men with mustaches in baseball uniforms.

  7. I hope your team has a terrific night! Our Seahawks will be getting started real soon. Hard to believe that football weather will soon be here. That's just fine by me after this horribly hot dry summer we are having! Your quilt makes me smile! I love the close ups you show so I can enjoy all the fabrics. Sorry to hear about the storm. I wonder if it was the one that hit Louisville so hard. It even made our news out here.

  8. Fantastic quilts and blocks - what a great way to use scraps!


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