Friday, July 17, 2015

Its 90 degrees in the shade...

so lets talk about wool socks!  I know that makes no sense at all but since I knit socks all year round and I have a finished pair to show I want to talk about them.

This is the pair I knit with Opal yarn called Bootsfahrt... boots fart...LOL... ok I know it means boat trip in German but come on who doesn't love a good fart joke? Nice colors and nice yarn to knit with...easy care... toss into the washer and the dryer and wears like iron... gotta love it.

And then there is this lonely sock in the missing man formation...

This is Blue Moon Socks that Rock in the colorway A Room without a Roof... like from the Pharrell song "Happy"... it makes me happy! Now I know I could the popular fish lips heel and it would keep those stripes uninterrupted but then I wouldn't get that wonderful pooling around the ankle...that's what makes me really really HAPPY!! I wish the whole sock would pool. So many people do everything they can to keep the yarn from pooling and I would do everything I could to make it pool if I knew any tricks.

I've gushed over Blue Moon Yarn before and my love affair continues unabated, and today as I was putting this post together I saw that they had their Rare Gems listed for sale. oooooohhhhhh... I've always wanted some to this yarn and thought you only could snag it at a yarn since this rare opportunity presented itself to me, I ordered some. And now that I know my order has been safely placed I will graciously share this info with you... aren't I wonderful? You can click here to see what I'm talking about.   Ok ok ... wonderful with a side order of snarky and selfish, but where Blue Moon yarn in concerned I can't help myself.

And since I always have a complaint about the weather I'm want to share that my whining about all the dreary, rainy days had some validity. In the past 30 days Cincinnati has had over 10 inches of rain...the most rainfall in 144 years over that 30 day span. Local news story here.  No wonder there is mold on the bottom of my trash cans. Mother Nature is now balancing that out with temperatures in the upper 90's the next couple of days giving me more weather to fret about... I think this is a sign of getting old and crabby... I think I'll do well in those categories...LOL!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

happy stitching and knitting!
carol fun


  1. You will love your Rare Gems...I've never been disappointed! Love your socks!

  2. Absolutely wonderful socks! Well Carol, it gives me a great deal of comfort to know that I am not the only one complaining about the weather. Why is Seattle dry as a bone and Cincinnati wet????!!!! Makes no sense!

  3. Your socks DO ROCK!! I went to the link you provided and I guess you bought up all of that Rare Gems because I didn't see what color it was. I did like the Elephant one though. I've never ordered from them, may have to try it when I need more sock yarn. Thanks for the info.

  4. There is nothing better than a hand knit sock....unless it is two hand knit socks! Beautiful work.

  5. love the socks. Wish i had the skill to do these. Really pretty colors.

  6. Really enjoyed admiring your socks. I'm not a knitter, but if I ever learn, I would love to make wildly colored socks! Also laughed with you about your weather complaints.

  7. Nicw socks! I love both Opal and STR yarns. Please send us some of your rain. We are dried to a crisp!

  8. Hot! hot! Hot! Here too! The grass is very green from all the rain...unfortunately, the weeds are growing well too! Nice socks! I do not knit but a couple of friends have made me socks. I love the Colours!


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