Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sunday stuff...

Oh I have a little of this and a little of that to show you today. First I have a sampler for Sunday.

As I remember this is a Chessie and Me and it is tiny - only 3 inches square - and if you've read this blog for any time you know that most of projects tend to get BIG. As I look at it now I marvel that I did so much of this over one thread. What was I thinking??? I suppose I could see the threads better back then. Anyway it includes some of my favorite things - a house, an alphabet and a cute kitty. Before the Big Dude sauntered into our lives we had a sweet tabby cat we called Khat. (The "h" is silent.) He was a Pavlov's dog kinda cat. He use to greet me every time I came into the house and followed me from room to room and if the doorbell rang he was the first one there. Loved that cat. And speaking of cats (isn't that a great segue? LOL)......

this is another one of my Raggedy Old Annie's primitive dolls. I found that great fur fabric and knew I had to make a kitty. Notice the kitty is wearing pajamas with cats on them and the kitty is belled for all to hear.

Isn't this a sweet face? I definitely need to make more of these dolls.

On the knitting front I want to show you my 22.5 Degree Shawlette.

I blocked it last night and it got longer and a little less dense and now it drapes nicely and I love the scalloped edge.(Ignore the flabby white arms.... I do.)

The yarn is called Amazing and it is from Lion's Brand. I used the Ruby colorway. I picked it up at Joann's in Centerville - they have the nicest yarn selection of any Joann's in the area. I wore it today an my older son told me that it looked very nice on me - made my day.

Hope your week has lots of time in it to do crafty things. Happy stitching-

carol fun


  1. Love the carnationish flowers on the Chessie sampler - and over one - you go girl!

  2. Ohhh, your little kitty is to die for! So cute that I might have to try making a primitive doll too. First thought is to make them for the granddaughters but heck, I don't know if I could part with them if they turned out as good as yours! Your scarf is very pretty too and don't you just love it when the guys in the family give you a compliment?

  3. Whatta great post--love the cats and congrats on your new scarf!


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