Saturday, November 6, 2010

Where does the time go?

Saturday? How did it get to be Saturday already? Well the week flew by and I did get a few things finished up. That's a good feeling. It was definitely a knitty week. I got the mate made for two pairs of socks - now they're not lonely anymore - LOL!

First is this pair- the pattern is Embossed Leaves and the yarn is some I dyed myself. The base yarn is from Knitpicks and it gives a nice stitch definition.

And there is this pair - the pattern is a simple K3,P2 rib and the yarn is Blue Moon Socks That Rock. I love the wild colors and I love how it pools (yes I know that annoys most knitters but not me, I search out yarns that will pool - I'm crazy that way - LOL) The name of this colorway is Cattywampus - dontcha love that name? I just ordered two more skeins from them - Crabby McCrabbypants and Count Cluckula. I'm not sure which grabs me more the colors or the names. (Another thought - I think it would be great to have a job naming colors of paint, yarn, threads, etc. It appeals to the English major in me that I didn't pursue in college - oh well.)

In the quilting side of life, I just got this quilt out and threw it over my stitching chair.

The fabric is an older collection by Chez Moi from Moda. I found the pattern in a magazine as I remember, and I sketched it out and went home and figured out how to make it with a jelly roll.

My long arm quilter did a great job with this one. I love all over designs done in variegated threads.

Check back tomorrow and I'll show you another primitive doll I made. Little Elphaba is going to live at Stephie's house which makes me very happy. And I'll take some pics of the 22.5 Degree shawl I finished - perfect timing since we had some snow flurries last night - brrrr! I'll need a warm scarf or two or three - so much cool yarn just waiting to be knitted!

Happy stitching -

carol fun


  1. Love the socks! OMGosh I just went over and checked out Count Cluckula...LOVE! But..alas...I-don't-need-anymore-sock-yarn....I-don't-need-anymore-sock-yarn....I-don't-need-anymore-sock-yarn....

  2. I absolutely love your quilt! OMGosh, it's beautiful!

  3. Love those green socks! The color and pattern are wonderful!

  4. Love your quilt! It is just beautiful! Those socks are really nice too. ;)


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