Monday, November 15, 2010

Tempus Fugit.....

...time sure does fly,doesn't it? The weekend totally got away from me. It was almost midnight when I realized I hadn't posted a sampler for Sunday and since Sunday was pretty much Monday at that point I did the only sensible thing and went to bed. So I'm back to try again today and I have appropriately chosen this piece which strongly advises "tempus fugit".

This is a clock that hangs in my studio area. It is by Drawn Thread done in DMC floss on a linen.

I like the little girl flying the kite. Yesterday was a good day for kite flying. There is a big park not far from my house and there were several people flying HUGE kites there when I drove past. It looked like fun.

And on Saturday I spent some quality time with my Juki and got a bunch of these little pinwheely blocks together.

This is the Kitchen Sink pattern from Scrap-Basket Surprises by Kim Brackett. I love this book and saw that she has another book coming out in January. Its called Scrap-Basket Sensations. If you click on the link you can see some of the quilts in the book. I can't wait to add it to my library too.

These are all Debbie Mumm fabrics and these are a couple of my favorites.
This guy makes me smile - a happy chef - wish I had one to cook for me.

And this furry guy reminds me of Big Dude who has become quite a happy cat. He enjoys watching the birds from the comfort of our screen porch and has all the kitty treats he wants. Life is good!

Hope your week has quality crafty time - I have lots of projects I want to play with. I'm almost finished with my Beatrix Potter sampler and I'm almost finished with another 22.5 Degree Shawlette. I wound several new skeins of yarn and can't wait to cast on another little scarfy shawlette. I've got several patterns picked out on Ravelry and the allure of a new project is soooooo enticing!

Happy stitching -
carol fun


  1. I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your weekly sampler postings - perhaps in part because we have similar tastes! once again, lovely work!

  2. I love your Drawn Thread piece and the way it's displayed with the clock. Also love your quilt too - such nice rich colors. I'm going to have to look up those books you mentioned. I need some patterns to use up my scraps.

  3. Love your clock - it is such a beautiful piece!

    What a fun quilt - it must be fun to look at all the pieces to find the "hidden" things.

  4. Love that Cross Stitch and Clock combo--2 of my favorite things. :)

  5. Love your kitchen sink - and you're right about the new book - it's going to be great!


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