Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday Frivolities

There are other projects I should be attending to - the 40 or so more butterfly blocks I need to make, the laundry, vacuuming the carpet, you get the idea, but instead I have engaged in frenetic new sock knitting! Yes not one, not two but three new socks have been started - someone should hide my extra circular needles! Here they are displayed on my new sock blockers --

The top one is a Gale's Art yarn called Crayon Box and the pattern is Charade.

In the middle spot is that brand new Lorna's Laces ,Zombie BBQ, I got the other day and the pattern is rpm I found a great little modification that allows you to knit this in a continuous spiral of K6, P3 with no shifting of the beginning of the row-- genius! Not me, the lady who figured this out. I keep seeing little pimento stuffed olives as I knit this one up.

And at the bottom is Fiber Optics Yarn called Tequila Sunrise. It has cashmere in it and feels sooooooo good. The pattern is Pyroclastic.

If you click on the links to the patterns you will see that these are all free downloads and all came from Love that site. I just love seeing how the patterns and the coloring of the yarns play out as you knit them up. It is quite habit forming.

Since the sun has come out 2 days in a row-- a record here in this April in Ohio - I dragged a quilt out to take some pictures. This is another giant Schnibbles pattern called Bennington. I call mine "Bowties from Down the Street" since the street I live on is right off of the street in my neighborhood called Bennington.

The fabric is the Hoopla line from Moda. I loved all the bright colors - lime green, purple, red, hot pink, orange and yellow - and the cute motifs - cherries, tulips and polka dots. This is one happy quilt!

Tomorrow is suppose to be sunny too - OMG, 3 days in a row, I hope I can handle it. My garden is soooo green but soooo soggy. I'd like to plant a few new annuals and perennials but I think I'll wait another week or so. Around here it they always say to wait till Mother's Day to plant annuals and I did jump the gun one year and was rewarded with limp and slimy coleus for my enthusiasm.

Hope your weekend is sunny and bright and that you have time to be crafty- Happy stitching!
carol fun


  1. Well--you just made me feel better!!!! about having so many quilt projects started, one counted cross stitch, and one knitting going!!!!
    Love all that yarn--and I love your quilt--way to go!!!!
    Hugs, Di and miss gracie

  2. Love the socks and the fun that you live near that street :-)

  3. Fun, fun projects~~the more the merrier!!!

  4. Oh sock knitting is so much fun! And why not start 3? They are all really cool. Love them!


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