Friday, April 1, 2011

A lot of this and a little of that

While Spring has not yet decided to stay for more than a day I am basking in the springy-ness of my mantle and I lit a Yankee Candle that smells of fresh grass and a hint of honeysuckle. It makes it easier to handle the snow flurries. And being inside gave me the time to work on this.....

making binding for 3 quilts. I figure there is about 1000 inches of binding here. Now only one quilt is ready to be bound, the other two are either at the long arm quilter's or on its way there. But I'm ahead of the curve for a little while. I even got the borders on a quilt that has been waiting for a loooooooonnnggg time. So I can count it as a UFO finished in March. That's a satisfying feeling. And my friend Vicki finally got this in the mail....

yep, another giant pincushion! I selected fabrics that I knew she'd like. She winters in Florida and has a huge love of all things flamingo. I found all of these prints in my stash. The piece at the very top is sunglasses with flamingo's on the outer points and I knew she understand my love of the polka dotted swim ring. I have had such fun making these pincushions. The only drawback is that I have crushed walnut shells scattering all over my crafting area. A good vacuuming is definitely in order but that smacks of housework so I'll avoid it as long as possible.

I have weekend plans for a little knitting, a little sewing and a little shopping and somehow all those little plans will make for very full days. I hope that you have a relaxing and productive weekend.

Happy stitching-
carol fun


  1. ENJOY your weekend! Your pin cushions are absolutely wonderful!

  2. Another pretty pincushion! I need to vacuum too but I don't think it's happening today! LOL Have a great weekend! :0)

  3. That's a lot of binding, but I really like the thought of binding a quilt. It is always relaxing to me.

    Love that pincushion. Such cute, fun fabrics.

  4. I think my least favorite part of quilmaking is making the binding. Oh but I do love the look of a coordinated binding. Love that bright happy pincushion - how could you not smile and dream of sunny days when you see that beauty?

  5. Too cute! You are really inspiring me!

  6. That's some serious binding. That is on my short list. I have to do the binding for my parent's quilt.
    Love your pincushion. How wonderful to have the fabric suit the person. Very, very thoughtful.


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