Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Pretty things I didn't make...

I have been the happy recipient of several pretty things that I want to share with you. First is this pretty wallet made by Myra of Gr8dame's Place. I love the fabric and that button stack -- thank you Myra!

I won this in a "guess what Part 3 of the ">Mystery Sampler will include". Actually my "guess" was more of a wish for a house, and there is a house along with 2 sheep. Very pretty - now I just have to figure out to add a chicken in there somewhere. Oh check out Myra's modification of the sampler. She turned the bluebirds into cardinals. I think I'll be borrowing this idea too.

And then my friend Vicki made this adorable notebook for me. Isn't that polka dot chicken fabric just perfect?

Inside is a place for a pencil and a little pocket to slide notes in. Vicki is so clever. She's always coming up with great purses, quilts and gift items. Thank you Vicki!

And then there is this wonderful quilt top that I did not make. My friend Laurey(no blog) did this one.

Aren't these wonky baskets and her choice of fabrics great?

I love how she made one with bits and pieces of the other fabrics.

Today isn't turning to be as productive as yesterday. I ended up spending waaaay too much time trying to untangle a skein of yarn. It is a good thing it was pretty yarn or I'd have had to throw it across the room. Now I'm off to knit a bit.

Happy stitching-
carol fun


  1. That notebook is just perfect for you Carol! Love the polka dot chicken. I am glad you like your little wallet - enjoy!

  2. What eye candy those baskets are...you friend did a fantastic job...

  3. Love that basket quilt! I love anything wonky! LOL

  4. They are all very pretty items. I'm just not into wonky, but for some reason that basket quilt is just too cute. Enjoy them all.


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