Sunday, July 10, 2011

A sampler for a lazy Sunday

Oh I have been a slug this weekend. I didn't have big plans to do anything in particular and I haven't done much of anything. I've spent time reading a couple of books by Fannie Flagg - Welcome to the World Baby Girl and Standing in the Rainbow - I love Fannie Flagg's writing. I stitched a little on the Mystery Sampler (I'm still on Part 1) and I did finish knitting my Cladonia shawl. I need to block it and then I'll show it off. But you can tell that all of these activities just had me with my butt in a chair expending as little energy as possible - perfectly sluglike!

I did get out of the chair long enough to take some pictures of my sampler offering for this Sunday. This is another Ewe & Eye entitled Let Virtue Reside. Notice another sampler with a big yellow house! Imagine that!

This is a fairly big sampler - about 14" square- and includes lots of decorative stitches. The leaves of this weeping willow are a single strand of floss.

And there are some spider web roses - I love them - and a heart done in eyelet stitch.

I like the brickwork on the house and the tree to the left has eyelet stitches here and there that kinda makes it look polka dotted.

And my sons initials are stitched within the grass. All in all a lovely arrangement enclosed in a pretty floral border.

Hopefully this week will find me more energetic. I do have a bunch of appointments but that isn't going to help my productivity on the creative front. Oh well maybe next weekend I'll have more to show for my time.

Have a great week - hope you have lots of energy and lots of time to be creative!

carol fun


  1. It must have been slug week-end.....I didn't do much either. Love your sampler!

  2. Another beautiful finish! I also love Fannie Flagg's books. They are a great read.

  3. Another slug checking in! I love samplers, and I find myself attracted to houses more and more. Very nice!

  4. I cannot imagine how many samplers you have stitched...and framed! Wow!

  5. Another gorgeous sampler. I love your Sampler Sunday idea.

  6. What an amazing sampler...Standing in the Rainbow is one of my favorites...have you read Can't Wait to Get to Heaven...loved it!


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