Sunday, July 24, 2011

A sampler for a steamy Sunday

It is like 90 bajillion degrees outside and it just rained and it is so hot you can see the steam rising off of the streets and the roofs of the houses. So I am hunkered down in the basement family room with the AC and a fan running. I did go out on the screen porch long enough to take some pics of a sampler for today. I haven't the faintest clue what the name or the designer of this one it. And the date I stitched in is 1989 - a loooooonnnnggg time ago.

As I'm typing this a name popped into my little pea brain - Lynn Waters Busa - she was a quite prolific designer back in the 80's and 90's and this may be a design of hers. Whoa- it is scary what is tucked away in the dusty corners of my brain. Anyway I loved this sampler because of all the decorative stitches it used.

The alphabet is done is 4 sided stitch and eyelet stitches and that little tulip-y flower was done in queen's stitch. Between each section the dividers are also done in decorative stitches - long-arm cross stitch.

I love this sentiment and those flowers made with blocks of satin stitch and then overstitched. And it included my requisite house at the bottom. All in all a very pretty band sampler to my eye. And now that I think a bit more I'm not sure this was Lynn Waters Busa -- oh well, it will remain a mystery.

I've had some quality stitching time this week and I finished up 2 small pieces. One I took to Joann's to be framed and I'm not sure what I'm going to do with the other one - maybe a pin keeep cushion. So because I finshed 2 pieces I rewarded myself by starting somtething new (let's not bring up the other pieces I already have started -ok?) This is how far I've gotten.

This is called Quaker Sampler and it is a BBD piece. It is in the book


  1. Pretty band sampler and great new start!

  2. I love your sampler and your new start. I did that one a while ago and was going to make it ito a folded needle/scissor keep. I never got around to doing that so I took the easy way out and had it framed.


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