Sunday, July 31, 2011

A sampler for Sunday

Today's offering is a little sampler that I just got back from the framers this week. This is "Wash Day" by Carriage House Samplings.

Next to houses, birds are my favorite motif on samplers and this one has a a whole flock of them! I stitched this using GA Sampler Threads with floss from my stash.

I'm really happy with this frame in more ways than one. First I like how the black coordinates with the birds. Second I like the red highlights in the frame pick up the rosy tones. And third I LOVE the price I paid for this framing --only $7.14! Yep, you read that correctly seven dollars and fourteen cents. I had this framed at Joann's and I used the 50% off plus $20 coupon - this is the best coupon for a small piece. Now I really lucked out because this was a very inexpensive frame so the total before discounts was only $54 - less 50% off (minus $27) minus another $20. The clerk who wrote up my order couldn't get over what a deal I was getting. Of course it helps that I don't get any matting or glass. I originally went down this road because I like to be able to see the texture of the stitching (so no glass) and I didn't want a bunch of different colored mats. Sticking with wood frames allows me to mix and match and regroup my samplers and they all play well together.

Hope you have a great week with lots of stitching time!
carol fun


  1. wow, that was an awesome the stitching.

  2. Awesome deal and stitching too! A nice addition to your collection!

  3. I love this little sampler and have one of my own hanging in my dining room. What a deal on the framing too - love it!

  4. I have started mine---but I have to find some better lighting and a magnifier before I can really go on with it--and then there has been all this knitting I have been busy with--and me a quilter!!!!
    Love your and the framing is great for it and for your pocket book!!
    Keep stitching--
    Hugs, Di and kitty cat

  5. What a sweet sampler! Love the frame - and what a deal you got!

  6. Great deal! Wonderful design.

  7. Great deal and framing! It looks terrific!

  8. Beautiful finish! I love this design and congrats on the great framing deal!

  9. Looks great--and a great deal, too!


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