Sunday, April 29, 2012

Flying by with a sampler for Sunday

I'm flying by today with my latest framed piece, A Flock of Birds, from the book, My Heart is True by Blackbird Designs.

This is a small sampler, it stitched up about 5" X 8". This is the first time I've used the overdyed gingham linen, but it won't be the last. I really like the look of it. Now when it comes to the thread colors,well, I think I changed almost every one. I used a selection of Weeks and Gentle Arts from my stash. The alphabet is Rhubarb from GA and the tree is Dried Thyme. I must have at least 6 different shades of Dried Thyme. I realize that it is hard to get exact duplication of hand dyed colors but I've never seen as much variation as with Dried Thyme. And it is a color that is used in lots of BBD pieces. This little piece allowed me to use up one of my many little bags of leftover Dried Thyme.

I stitched my boys initials in a contrasting floss, and I replaced one of the birds with my initials and the date. The frame is rather plain but oh what beautiful depth of color it has in real life.

Now I had big plans for my weekend, but on Friday afternoon my stomach decided it had other ideas and I spent the next 48 hours between the bathroom and my recliner and nothing much was accomplished. Oh wait I did do something... I think I pinned about 300 new items on Pinterest. I do like how sitting and pinning crafty things makes you feel creative and lets you forget that you just lost another 6 hours of you life. Oh well, it did make the time pass pleasantly. This evening we are celebrating my youngest son's birthday - he turned 22 yesterday. Boy does time fly! Its a good thing he prefers a cake from Grater's - my order was ready for pick-up yesterday afternoon and my oldest son picked it up.

Happy stitching-
carol fun


  1. Hope you are feeling better now! BBD sampler is so pretty - I like your color pallet. And a great frame and framing job too as the gingham linen would show the least little wobble!

  2. Oh! I love that gingham linen too! I've not seen that and I think that's the perfect frame. It really lets the completed piece shine. Hope you're feeling better and off starting some of those new projects you discoverd on Pinterest!

  3. Oh, I hope you're feeling much, much better. A tummy crud is NOT fun.

    Love the gingham linen and sampler.

  4. Hope you feel better soon. Love the sweet piece your stitched on the gingham linen.

  5. Aha! I knew there was a reason. Hope you feel much better now. Think about this Friday at Keepsakes. I haven't allowed myself on pinterest 'cause I know I'd be on there and not doing something else. Glad it kept you company while ill.

  6. I do hope you are feeling better! Those stomach things are just so draining.
    Happy Birthday to your son!!
    Love your finish - I love the frame.

  7. Very cute finish--I really like the look of that gingham linen! Enjoy your son's birthday, Carol--my youngest is 23--where have the years gone?

    Do hope you feel much better very soon :)

  8. A pretty finish on the gingham fabric! Hope you are feeling better! :)

  9. I love this one! I hope that you are feeling better.


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