Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Getting into trouble on Tuesday

So there are plenty of projects that are already started that I could work on but none of them is calling as loudly as a new project- like the Quaker Diamonds by Rosewood Manor. I got out some 28 count evenweave that I had in my stash and started stitching and after 2 little bitty motifs and a partial letter I decided that the linen was too light and too plain and too blah. So what's a girl to do but dye it!

I had a small jar of walnut crystals that been sitting on my cutting table for months, a garbage can full of dry cleaning plastic bags and a brand new spray bottle from the dollar spot at Target, which can only lead to trouble. So I mixed up the walnut crystals with some hot water and I sprayed and smushed and sprinkled more crystals and sprayed some more and rinsed and smushed and sprinkled and smushed and rinsed and sprayed and well you get the idea. Now I have this.....

a sopping wet piece of linen that is splotchy and blotchy. I've ironed it a couple of times in between the spraying, smushing, sprinkling and rinsing and I think it would be better if I walk away and leave it alone for a while. Do you know how HARD it is to leave it ALONE???? Did I mention I have no patience? Patience would help. The only reason it is sitting is that got a couple of phone calls and decided to write this post - saved by blogging - LOL!

Now I could sew on the setting squares for my Coleslaw quilt, or I could start this month's Schnibble - Summer Day. I have the pattern and I was thinking in the shower that instead of using charm squares I think I'd like to use some of my Debbie Mumm stash. Or I could work on my Blackbird Design Anniversaries of the Heart, or put the binding on my Schnibble from last month. Choices, choices, choices.

Or I could take a nap....

that would be nice too!

Happy stitching-
carol fun


  1. LOL I am with you on the nap!

  2. I feel like a nap, right about now.

    Can't wait to see how the linen turned out - hurry up.

  3. Your fabric looks great!
    And oh yes, a nap is always a good idea!


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