Thursday, April 26, 2012

Thoughts on Thursday... inspiration abounds!

I have a love/hate relationship with the cyber world - on one hand I LOVE all the inspiration it brings to my laptop, on the other hand I'll NEVER get to make all the wonderful quilts I read about.

And speaking of inspiration here is a link to the winners of the AQS show in Paducah, KY that opened today. Now I suspect that this slideshow of winners was compiled from the book that AQS prints and sells at the show, because they don't show any real detail and you just know that the quilting on most of these is divine. My take was that most of the winners were of the traditional style - what you expect a quilt to look like and that's fine by me. My 2 favorites were Blooming with Hope by Junko Yazawa of Tokyo, Japan and Pat's Promise by Patricia Isaman of Harrodsburg,KY. Both of these were whimsical and Pat's Promise included polka dot birds. That would get my vote every time!

And have you checked out Moda Bake Shop today - this quilt is WONDERFUL!

It is called Twisted Charm quilt and is the design of Cindy Sharp of Tops to Treasures. Click here for her great directions - very clear. And I love this setting. I will definitely be using this idea in a quilt. This would be great for using my rather large stash of black and white fabrics and throwing in lots of brights. It will be fabulous (and yes I am opinionated - LOL!)

So armed with more ideas that my little pea brain can hold I'm off to sew!

Happy stitching-
carol fun


  1. Awwwwww. Thanks. I am curious to see what it would look like in other fabrics, or with the concentration of colors moved.

  2. I agree. Sometimes I become paralyzed with so many ideas.

  3. Love the strong colours in this! I always used to be a muted colour person but increasingly I find myself drawn to stronger colours. Wonder if that's a sign I'm getting old!!!!


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