Thursday, May 31, 2012

In a funk....

Yes this is exactly the advice I need - Snap out of it! I've been in a funk the last week. Thinking lead to ruminating, ruminating lead to feeling guilty, feeling guilty lead to procrastination, and procrastination resulting in vegging. Blah..... I did summon a little energy and did some knitting and some cross stitching. Nothing complete - still works in progress, but I figure every stitch counts. Right?? Shake your head up and down up and down. Good. You follow direction waaayy better than I do.

Now the knitting project is the shawl Whippoorwill. Here the link to Ravelry. I'm getting close to being finished but I'm at that point where every row is at least 400 stitches, so it still needs time.

I do love the yarn. The rosy pink is a Malabrigo color called Light of Love and the variegated yarn is Fleece Art and it is called Sugarplum.

And the cross stitch project I'm still enthralled by is the Monasterium Design Willie's Quaker Sampler. On Saturday I decided I had to know for sure that it was going to fit. Experience has shown my math skills to be woefully inadequate in many instances.(Remember the quilt project that first there weren't enough blocks and then there were too many and somehow in the end there weren't enough and I had to make more -sheesh) So I went and stitched the entire alphabet.

Eureka! It will fit! Now I need to focus and see if I can finish this by June 16. Why that day? Well I got this dynamite coupon in the mail from Michaels which I could take to my wonderful framer at Joanns - 60% off plus another 10% off, and it is good till the 16th. Now that could be some serious savings on a piece this big. It will be more than 27 inches in length. So that is like 16 days away and yes I am being totally delusional thinking I can do this. I'm about halfway there. It could happen, possibly, maybe, oh damn I need to stitch like the wind. On the up side, isn't this feather wonderful?

Oh good I see you shaking your head up and down again.

And since I didn't turn on my sewing machine, I didn't post for Design Wall Monday because it looked exactly like it did the week before.

Gosh I love this addled gal! I plan to work on the machine applique parts today. I have yolks and beaks to stitch down. I have the added kick in the pants I need because I want to give this to Cass, my long arm quilter at the guild meeting on Monday night. I swear if it wasn't for the last minute I'd never get anything done.

Well, I need to shake off this funk and get moving. Thanks for all of you who checked up on me by email. I appreciate your concern and I'm okay. And my apologies to everyone who had to look at all the carp I pinned on Pinterest that showed up on Facebook while I was vegging out. I had no idea that was happening until today when I looked at my Facebook page. I don't check it very often. Luckily I figured out how to change my Pinterest settings and put a stop to it.

So off to do something productive - I don't mean laundry - although there is a rather large pile in the doorway of the laundry room. Maybe I can just jump over it on my way to my sewing room - ummmm.... probably not a good idea.

Happy stitching-
carol fun


  1. Just gotta tell ya...that chicken looks like I feel lately! LOL

  2. Tomorrow night's another stitch in at Keepsakes. Bring your Quaker and we'll laugh and distract you.

  3. I think that you earn your name of 'Fun" cause you are funny and I got a nice chuckle reading you just now-- and I needed that as I feel as if I am in a 'funk' today!!!!!
    so I am a couple days late for your funky party!!!!
    Love the new sampler you are doing!!
    I have the next Christmas ornament figured out for June--or do I work on one of the Crazy Jan starts--or do I start the word play for May???
    In the mean time--I am going to a knit workshop this afternoon!!
    and I am starting a new shawl today!!!
    Hugs, di and miss gracie

  4. Carol - For someone vegging and in a funk, you've sure accomplished alot on the stitching front. That Quaker - wow! I get feeling down if all I have going are WIp's with no finishes or new starts in sight.

  5. Your chicken is a picture of me!! lol I feel that way this week... I can relate with you on the funk.. I am just now catching up on my blog reading! Beautiful Quaker. I have never seen this design. Just do your best Wonder Woman leap over that pile and head to the sewing room!

  6. Must be something in the air! Seems like more than one of us feels like your chicken looks!! ;)

  7. Must be something in the air! Seems like more than one of us feels like your chicken looks!! ;)

  8. I love your Quaker sampler - can't wait to see more.

    Don't just hate it when those 'funks' come to visit and so uninvited. LOL You'll shake it.

  9. Sounds to me like you have started a 'funk' festival! See, even in a funk, you manage to find a way to have fun! Ann I think Miss, Chickie there needs to be our mascot!

  10. You are too funny -- I love your chicken's face. Try not to hurt yourself when you jump over the dirty clothes pile. We wouldn't want you laid up with a broken anything!

  11. I hope that the funk has lifted Carol!
    Your Quaker piece looks fabulous!!
    Have a funk-free weekend :)

  12. You totally nailed the sequence of events that lead to a funk! I'm so glad that someone else experiences it, too! And not just in my world of stitching and sewing....

  13. are the funky chicken instead of the polka dot variety?

  14. Hang in there, sweetie! The funk will go away and in the meantime you are getting some good headway made on some great projects! Love the long, cool crossstitch! Have a fun weekend. Carol

  15. Your quaker sampler looks fabulous and I can't wait to see more!
    Hope you have a funk-free weekend, Carol =)

  16. Does that make you a funky chicken?

  17. Der Quaker Sampler wird super schön.
    Liebe Grüße Grit

  18. Deluded or not, for that kind of discount you need to give it a bash! It is a lovely design and your stitching is beautiful. As for the chook.....She is adorable!

  19. Hi I got an email from Mary Englebriet about use of her artwork I would like to share with you. please email me.
    love your chicken quilt


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