Wednesday, May 9, 2012

What I learned in an Ami Simms workshop

Well first I wanted to say that I had a great time on Sunday in the String Piecing workshop with Ami Simms. There were about 25 ladies in attendance and it was neat to see all the different fabric choices. However it was clear, very early on, that my fabrics didn't look like anyone else's fabrics. Hmmm... there were ladies using Christmas fabrics, reproduction fabrics, some novelties and a smattering of brights but no one else's blocks looked like this -

Yes that shade is pretty close to the yellow they use to stripe streets-- it glows! LOL I've used this background before on a Schnibble - I bought at least 9 yards of it at a going out of business sale. I had no clue why anyone else wouldn't want it - because I am clueless. So here are a couple of close-ups of my blocks.

We have bright birds...

and did you have any doubt there would be polka dot chickens? I didn't think so.

Ami has a wonderful sense of humor. She really could do stand-up,in fact the program she gave on Monday night at the guild meeting "How Not to Make a Prize Winning Quilt" had everyone in stitches. (bad pun - sorry!) Ami stressed in the class that problems with your quilt and fabric are NOT your fault - the humidity is high, the lighting is wrong, the ruler is uneven, there is a shift in the cosmic universe -- but it is not your fault. I like that philosophy.

Now if you are looking for pictures of the workshop I'm afraid I have bad news. I did take my camera, what I didn't take was the memory card that goes in the camera, so basically I had a lovely little red paperweight in my purse. Arghh.... however Heather, our illustrious guild website manager and photographer took lots of pictures and I was going to link to them but they aren't loaded yet. I'll let you know when she uploads them.

Of course if you've read this blog for more than one day you know how happy chickens make me (we will not probe the dark psychological reasons for this, ok?). And lots of other people have picked up on this and have recently gifted me with some wonderful chickens (don't fault them for feeding my habit - they are good people!- LOL). First we have this beauty, a gift made by Cass, the gal that does the great long arm quilting on my stuff. Is this chicken not adorable??

And here is a right profile. The little brown egg has cracks embroidered on it and a little bitty beak is poking out.

I got to show it at "Show and Tell" at the meeting and we were color coordinated. I was wearing an orange sweater with white dots and I had no previous knowledge of what this chicken would look like. Obviously we are soul mates! Thanks Cass!

And my dear friend from Nebraska sent me this crazy chicken...

OMG -a hot pink and orange dotted chicken! All hand crocheted! Love it! The legs dangle and I'm going to put it on the mantle as part of my chicken display. Thanks Amy! Everywhere I go people put chickens in my path - and it makes me smile. Just the other day Beth from Garden Grumbles & Cross Stitch Fumbles was giving a tour of a local garden center she frequents and there was this....

I NEED this!!!! I'm going to contact the garden center and see how much it is and how much it would cost to ship it. Now the garden center is in Oregon and I live in Ohio and I'm afraid it may be a bit pricey. Soooooo here is your mission..... if you see this lovely stack of chickens in your travels let me know. Maybe I can find one closer to home. I would be eternally grateful and your slightly cracked friend forever and ever!

Happy stitching-
carol fun


  1. I love your sting blocks! You have to send that photo to Bonnie Hunter - its cheddar! She would be so proud and yes, I have some of that fabric too. Your chickens are adorable - I love the stuffed one with the baby chicks and cracked egg - too cute! And yes, you definitely need that chicken sculpture!

  2. You are fun, Carol Fun! Love the string piecing in the bright colors and the cute new additions to your coop. Also want to say I think the colorful fowl with the beady eyes roosting on your design wall are adorable! Keep on having fun! Carol

  3. My goodness girl! You always make me smile.
    Love your newest chickens!
    That chicken sculpture is definitely up your alley.

  4. What is wrong with that yellow background? I like it. You will be able to find it in the dark when you wake up and are cold. How could you feel miserable under that quilt. Better than chicken soup....even spotted chicken soup.

  5. You have quite a collection of quirky chickens! Your quilt blocks are fun and lively. Our stitch group recently adopted the motto that, "Mine doesn't have to look like yours.". It seems to fit just about everything.

    Have fun.


  6. I think this post was for the
    "Chickens" and dotted ones at that!!!!
    love them all--and I sure hope you can find that garden one--they are so cute--love your blocks--I like it with half the block a solid type color--it keeps the quilt from looking tooooo busy!!!
    Hugs. Di and miss gracie

  7. Love your two new family members!! That crocheted on is priceless. What talented friends you have.

    Also, your string quilt looks cheery and bright, just like the yolk in an egg!

  8. I love the bright colors; they make me happy, too! Also, love all the chickens. I got a great get well card with chickens from my guild. It was perfect for someone who grew up with lots of chickens and other poultry.

  9. I love the bright colors; they make me happy, too! Also, love all the chickens. I got a great get well card with chickens from my guild. It was perfect for someone who grew up with lots of chickens and other poultry.

  10. Love those blocks! And the chickens are sooo adorable...

  11. Looks like a fabulous class and your new chicks are wonderful :)

  12. I love seeing all your chickens! I don't really collect a specific thing anymore, which is probably a good thing! LOL

  13. Sounds like you had a fun time! I love your blocks and all of your chicken goodness! You sure have received some cute gifts. I hope you can get your hands on your garden chicken!!

  14. Hi, take heart. I am a fellow quilter, lover of all dots and brights and I own that fabric as well as some of the others in your quilt. Your blog is fun and I love your string quilt.

  15. Just came across your blog and I love it. I'm a big chicken and polka dot fan. Hugs

  16. looks like a fun class - love all your funky and fun chickens

  17. I found the Chickens! Amazon has it for sale for $75 and it is eligible for Prime if you are a prime member. I can't link to it from my phone, but the description - Dan DiPaolo Chicken - is how I found it! Enjoy it!

  18. Your chickens are on Amazon at the following URL - shipping is free, but, as you assumed, they are pricy!
    If this URL doesn't work, type Stacked Chicken Sculpture in Google or at the Amazon site


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