Friday, May 4, 2012

Something finished on Friday

Now it took entirely too long for me to get the binding on this little quilt. This is my entry in the February parade of Schnibbles and is based on the pattern I.S.T.H. which Carrie said stands for "insert snappy title here" and I corrupted it to "I see the hen".

The chicken theme is obvious and in the top border to the right side is a polka dot chicken created by yours truly with a pigma pen. Cass who quilts for me did a wonderful job with this one. She contacted me to ask what I had in mind for this quilt and I replied that "I don't have a mind, do whatever you want."

She added so many things in the quilting. All of the sashing contains words and phrases like - which came first the polka dot chicken or the polka dot egg..... and a couple of references to the Little Red Hen - who will bake the bread - and the words - funky - Henny Penny - three French hens. She is so creative! You can click on the pictures to look more closely.

I'm going to drape this little quilt over a bookcase when I get all my chicken decorations out. Hopefully that will be later next week because the next couple of days are chock full of things to do. Tonight I have an invitation to join a cross stitch group at my LNS. Tomorrow evening I'm having dinner with some of the ladies from my quilt guild and our speaker for this month, Ami Simms! On Sunday, I'm taking a workshop with Ami (hmmm... I should probably print out the supply list and look at it - it is almost the last minute- LOL). And on Monday we have guild meeting with Ami. I'm planning on a nice slow day on Tuesday with a long afternoon nap. I really believe it's a good idea to plan that kind of thing.

So I hope you have a wonderful weekend! Happy stitching-
carol fun


  1. So glad you're coming for dinner! You should wear the chicken quilt as a shawl...and for sure bring it to guild meeting on Monday.

  2. Ohhhh-I love that chicken quilt--
    you do have a way with 'chickens' don't you?????
    and what a fun filled next 3 days you have planned--don't forget to take the camera so we can see tooooo!
    Hugs, Di and that cat!!!

  3. I love your chicken quilt. It is so cute. I know you will have fun the next 3 days with all your quilty activities. Be sure and take lots of pictures to share with us.

  4. Your quilt looks wonderful! Congratulations on getting it finished! :0)

  5. I absolutely adore this one. The fabrics, the quilting, the colors.
    It is just too fun!

  6. What a fun quilt, Carol Fun! Love the colors and everything about it. Took me a bit, but I did find your polka dot chicken!

  7. Very clever ~ from the name to the extra touches from your quitter!

  8. That quilt could not be cuter! As soon as I saw it, I thought, "I want to have a party!" Don't know why. It just makes me really happy. Cute details in the quilting too.


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