Wednesday, July 11, 2012

WIP Wednesday

Finishing up Willie's Quaker Sampler left me motivated to work on another BIG project so I liberated my BBD AoH out of its plastic ziploc holding cell. Now the following pictures make this piece appear to have some serious spatial issues, but in real life it is quite even.

I've finished two more houses since I last picked this up and I've started on the borders of a third one.

Here is September, Moonlight Visitor. I changed the floss for the house to CC Queen Bee, I love that golden yellow.

And I added a little personal touch in the lower left corner - it is graphed for a dog but I substituted a chicken! Imagine that - LOL!

This is August, Clara Ellen. Again I changed a few colors. I made the flowers CC Old Marigold. This is one of those months that have a very soft look. January is another one with this muted appearance. I think it adds interest to the piece.

And last night I started July, Swan Lake. I like the borders and can't wait to stitch the two swans and the house. This is one of the simpler ones which is a good thing since June has lots of little embroidery details like lazy daisy stitches that aren't my favorite thing to do.

I haven't added any names and dates to this piece yet. Some months I have multiple birth dates I could stitch and other months I have nothing. so I'm trying to decide if I want to move info to other months. At the beginning of the year I said I'd like to finish this piece before 2012 ends. It could happen if I keep my focus. But we all know focus isn't my strong suite so it could go either way.

Happy stitching-
carol fun


  1. It is a really striking piece and your stitching is exceptional. I like to personalise my stitcheries, too. A chicken is so you!

  2. I like the colors you chose so much better than the originals!!

  3. Very pretty color choices Carol - I'm glad you are stitching this once again - and of course it needed a chicken!

  4. Of course you had to add a chicken!! I LOVE it!
    This is so beautiful. Great personalization.

  5. It's beautiful!

    I have always loved needlework that had those type of houses on it...they remind me of historic homes in Savannah or Charleston, so lovely. :)

    Hugs to you and Big Dude, too. :)

  6. It is looking good Carol. You've moved along pretty quickly considering you finished up the Quaker and all the quilting that you do. It is very pretty.

  7. Lovely, lovely piece. Your sure cross stich quickly. I do like a yellow house. . .

  8. What a beautiful piece! I love the color changes you have made! :)

  9. Looking good! I think it would have been classsic if you had added a chicken somewhere in every block!! ;)


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