Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Working on Wednesday

Well it has been a very productive Wednesday and so was Tuesday for that matter. I got 9 more Butterscotch Scrap Jar Stars sewn, for a grand total of 14. Woo hoo! I'm over half way done!

Darlene remarked that she got obsessed/possessed when she was doing these blocks and I totally understand what she means. It is hard to walk away from them. Karin left me a comment and I quote "Ahhaha! My evil plan is working! The Scrap Jar Stars fumes are filling blogland." I'm pretty sure I heard an evil cackle too. Anyway I'm loving these blocks. Did you notice the perfectly framed chicken in the block above? Total accident. I whacked some squares and turned the fabric over and there is was... you can't tell me God doesn't want me to have chickens. LOL!

And I got a bit of cross stitching done last night while I listened to the Reds ball game. I rediscovered this little gem when I was rooting around my stash.

It is a Ewe & Eye & Friends from waaaaaay back. I finished up the border and now all it it needs is a tree on top of that skinny trunk. The tree is suppose to be a piece of felt, and I'm sure when I bought it the felt was with the chart, but it has long since disappeared. Luckily I have a small humongous stash of felt so I think I can find something to finish this.

And the other day as I was wandering the blogosphere I stumbled upon this book on someone blog, but I don't remember whose. Usually I like to peruse a book before I buy but this one just spoke to me. It said, "Go directly to Amazon and buy me." So I did.

Here I'll make it easy for you, click here. And in my humble opinion this is a great book!

I loved the tree on the cover with the squirrel lurking in the branches. She has that one and others all graphed out.

And pages of wonderful borders like these plump tulips!

And this was totally unexpected but I took it as cosmic certainty that I should own this book......CHICKENS!!!

There is even a polka dot chicken!! See when books and fabric and yarn and beads and stamps and pretty papers talk to you, you should listen!!

Now I'm going to go sit in my happy stitching chair and watch some more baseball and all will be right in my little world.

Don't worry, I'm properly medicated - LOL!

Happy stitching-
carol fun


  1. I love both the quilt and the cross stitch!! I love the yellow house! That book looks like something I need to buy!!

  2. LOL - you really understand how I felt. I'm telling you it's like a vortex. LOL I'll bet Karin was cackling. LOL

    I always love your x-stitch projects.

  3. Love the new blocks that you are working on and that is a cute EE&F! Great purchase with the book, looks like there are lots of good things in it.

  4. Your quilt is coming along so nicely, Carol--love that chicken block in the middle :)

    What a great book, too--will have to see if my library has it (or if I can buy a copy since I'm the librarian that gets to buy all the craft books :)

  5. Your block looks great - love the fussy cut! Lovely cross stitch work as usual and the book looks like a good buy - lots of lovely projects to make!

  6. You are cracking me up!

    I love the book...can't wait to see all the pretty things you stitch out of it.

    There's a new blog post with another part of the story on my writer's blog today, too.

    Hugs to you and Big Dude, too. :)

  7. Oh a cackle was DEFINITELY involved! :) That kind of fun just does not reach perfection without a cackle. That book DOES look wonderful and those chickens! Are you kidding? - those are MADE for you. That tree with the squirrels is pretty cute too. And just do you know, I cannot crack and egg without thinking about you. LOL. That's going in a post. :)

  8. Cute stuff! I have never tried cross stitching before, but it looks like something I might be able to handle! ;)

  9. Loving it all! You are such an enabler ~ I may just need to buy that book!

  10. Lovely quilt and such a pretty design you are stitching. The book looks like a winner!


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