Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Big Plaid Star quilt

Remember the Big Plaid Star quilt that was on my design wall a couple of weeks ago? Well I had it quilted and was able to give it to my brother for his birthday last Saturday. I am very happy with how it turned out and my brother really seemed to like it. He was cozied up under it the entire evening.

Here's a pic of the front - it is laying on the floor on my family room and yes that is a dish on the floor in the upper right corner. I didn't notice it till I went to crop the picture.

I used a new to me long arm quilter for this one, Terry Finnerty of The Walking Needle in Mason Ohio. I really like this swirly pantograph. The quilt had great texture after I laundered it.

And here is the back - it turned into a 2-sided quilt with my "arty" pieced back. Not bad for just trying to avoid buying any more flannel - LOL! (Oh I just noticed that it looks like those birds are perched on top of the quilt - they are actually sitting on a shelf about 8 ft behind where my son was standing and patiently holding the quilt up for me to take the picture.)

And that swirly pantograph looks great on this side too.

Terry really helped me out of a tight spot by finishing this quilt for me in less than a day. Thank you so much Terry! I was so happy to give this to my brother at his birthday celebration - it made my day and his too!

Happy stitching-
carol fun


  1. Congratulation. Great finish.

    Greetings from Germany, Manuela.

  2. Very Nice! I'm sure your brother loved it!

  3. I really like that big old star, Carol and your arty backing is perfect. Love the birds LOL

  4. The birds are a great accompaniment to the quilt! It looks terrific all quilted up and snugly. Lucky brother! My #3 brother got his quilt last year and it had a flannel back too.

  5. Oh, the star block with the black background is an eye-catching one for sure - I HEART IT!!!

  6. Wonderful! I'll bet your brother LOVED it! You finished that one FAST!


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