Thursday, January 31, 2013

Showing my Socks

Today I'm sporting a lovely pair of socks in my favorite color - yellow... a pretty lemon-y yellow. This is to compensate for the gray, cold, gray, windy, gray, snow spitting, kinda rainy, did I mention gray day?

The pattern is Serendipity and you can find it here on Ravelry. If you login to Vogue Knitting/Martingale you can get the pattern for free. I got my pattern from the book Sock Club: Join the Knitting Adventure by Charlene Schurch. You can see it here on Amazon. I used a solid lemony yellow Regia yarn. The pattern was hyped to be a good choice for a more variegated yarn and there are lots of examples of that on Ravelry but I think the pattern showed up better in the solid color.

You can check out the socks that others are wearing today here on the Patchwork Times - another fun link up from Judy L.

Happy stitching-
carol fun


  1. Yum. Your feet can be dreaming about springtime while it is yucky out.

  2. I love to make socks, you can choose colors or patterns that make you happy on a dreary day.

  3. Those are really pretty. And I like the yellow.

  4. Such a pretty pattern that you are wearing. I'd like a pair like them in purple, but still haven't learned how to knit socks.


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